Wordle obsessed? 7 Other Wordle-Like Brain Games You Should Try

We know we’re not the only ones obsessed with solving the word of the day. Since the word game was released in October 2021, Wordle has been an instant hit. It has millions of daily users…or should we say, fanatics.

Here’s how to play Wordle: You have six guesses to find the five-letter word. Each letter you get turns yellow or green. Green if it’s the right letter in the right place and yellow if it’s the right letter in the wrong place. Sound easy? Well, not always, but it’s really fun.

Every day brings a whole new word to guess. Unfortunately, this means you can only play one round per day. So if you’ve already finished today’s Wordle and want to play more, check out these seven games.

Running out of all your guesses before you have today’s Wordle? Redeem yourself with wordmaster. It’s pretty much exactly the same as Wordle – same rules, same green and yellow blocks – the only difference is that you can play this game for as many rounds as you want. And you can also change the difficulty level. Now, if only we had unlimited guesses…

Need a word break? Try Worldle (with an L). Instead of testing you on your 5-letter vocabulary skills, this game tests you on your geography skills. Players must guess the correct country or region by looking at its silhouette. This game makes us wish we listened more in high school geography.

If Wordle is feeling a little too PG, we’ve got you. (And we get it. Sometimes the only 5-letter word you can think of is a dirty word.) Lewdle works like Wordle, except all the vocabulary is probably from the Urban Dictionary instead of Webster. Oh, and you’re also graded on obscenity, so it’s good to use your colorful vocabulary.

Any mathematicians among you? Try Nerdle, the game that uses numbers instead of words. The goal? Guess an eight-digit math equation using numbers and symbols. Pro Tip: Remember to Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally, aka PEMDAS, because the order of operations is critical to getting things right.

You know that feeling you get when you hear a song but you don’t know what it’s called? Well, Heardle takes that sentiment to the next level. In this game, you get six tries to guess which song you hear. It starts with a one-second snippet and if you can’t guess, you can choose to reveal more and more of the song.

For some of you geniuses, Wordle is child’s play. You might even be the kind of person who guesses wordle in one try. Well, there will be none of that with this game. Literally. Instead of having to guess one word, you have to guess four. At a time. The green and yellow blocks are still there to guide you, but this time you have nine guesses… but spread over four words, so it doesn’t exactly equalize. Try this game if you are up for the challenge anyway.

Want something even harder than Quordle? Look no further. This game is called Absurdle for a reason. Its algorithm actively works against you to make sure you don’t get the right answer. Kind of like playing against someone… except someone is a really smart computer. Instead of having a fixed word per day like many of these other games, Absurd can change the secret word you’re trying to guess. You only win when the algorithm has no other way to trick you. It sounds absurd…we know that. But at least you have unlimited tries to get the correct answer.


What better than a game to keep your mind sharp? Eight of them. So don’t despair if you feel like you’ve exhausted your Wordle habit. The internet is full of options.

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