Which movie you should watch next based on your zodiac sign


Calling all movie buffs and amateur astrologers! If you’re on the hunt for your next classic rewatch, or fancy something new, turn your eyes to the stars – then come back to me, your unofficial (and untrained) movie and your zodiac guru (I can read my entire graphic and have a Letterboxd Pro account, so that must count for something, right?).

And yes, “Zodiac” is on this list.

Aries – “Bend it Like Beckham” (2002) directed by Gurinder Chadha

You’re a rule breaker, Aries, and this whole movie is about bending them to follow your passions. And if anyone has passions, it’s you! You still manage to balance your lightness and your love of fun and adventure (which is a throwback to the romantic comedies of the 2000s) with your passion and…

Taurus – “Big Fish” (2003) directed by Tim Burton

Taurus firm and hardworking – you are a sign that values ​​the family, and therefore a movie about the bond between father and son is the best choice for your next movie night. But, bulls, you can have a bad, stubborn streak. Your lesson to be learned from this film? To believe in magic, embrace the great stories and keep the ones you love close … even if they are sometimes wrong. Also, maybe cry – I bet you haven’t in a while.

Gemini – “Little Monsters” (2019) directed by Abe Forsythe

An end of the world movie is perfect for a quick, smart person like you, Gemini. But you don’t take things too seriously, so this movie is mostly a heartwarming and hilarious comedy. You’re curious and easily distracted, so the fact that “Little Monsters” will keep you on your toes and invested in what happens next instead of getting bored means you might actually be watching a movie and not being on your phone all the time. time. For once.

Cancer – “Little Women” (2019) directed by Greta Gerwig

Cranky Cancer needs a movie that can perfectly balance warming their hearts and making them cry buckets of tears, and “Little Women” is perfect for that. Find your inner motherly energy with Marmee, or your loyal and protective side in Jo – anyway, Cancer, you are family oriented and have a big heart, so this adaptation of a classic serves both a warm spirit and a big heart. a love of all nostalgic things. Grab the box of tissues and a mug of hot chocolate or hot tea, and get ready for a night (although you could probably do less).

Leo – “Blockers” (2018) directed by Kay Cannon

Leo’s lazy side can certainly turn his brain off to watch some steamy comedy, but your creativity and charisma will admire how this movie manages to turn the typical sibling-oriented sex comedy upside down to do something much bigger and better than anyone else. thought so. it could be – because if there’s one thing you love, Leo, it’s bigger and better.

Virgo – “Zodiac” (2007) directed by David Fincher

Virgin, Methodical Virgin. What better movie for everyone’s favorite analyst than 2h30 crime drama based on a true story? “Zodiac” is full of puzzles worth solving, and the almost documentary narrative and perfect build-up of tension will keep even the most critical mind happy.

Even if there would eventually be a reply At the Zodiac Killer mystery, watching a separate endless movie will be good for Virgos who want to put everything in a box – when everything can’t be!

Balance – “Legally Blonde” (2001) directed by Robert Luketic

What could be more appropriate for a Libra than a movie that combines the value of being a social butterfly and the art of justice? The optimism and flawless fashion sense of law student Elle Woods (whom Libras adore) and their commitment to being herself in the face of judgment (something Libras must learn) make this a film that my comrades from the end of September to October should see each other again. Because let’s be honest, we’ve all seen it before.

Scorpion – “Ingrid Goes West” (2017) directed by Matt Spicer

The “Ingrid Goes West” thrill ride is perfect for the dramatic, emotional and yes, sometimes a little possessive Scorpio. Maybe you need a glimpse into the dark side of your dedication (or, for negative people, obsession) or maybe you just need the dark comedy kid who can satiate the dark side of all Scorpios. Whatever reason you watch and enjoy, this is the perfect movie to kick off the Scorpio season!

Sagittarius – “Little Miss Sunshine” (2006) directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris

Always adventurous, it’s no surprise that Sagittarians get a movie on the road. The impulsive and humorous side of you will love all the crazy decisions made in this movie, but the part of you that is afraid to commit and overconfident in your own abilities will learn from the family at its center, and how it will learn. to lean on one another – something you could definitely benefit from learning how to do, Sag. Not to end on too bitter a note: a comedy is a natural fit for someone who likes to have fun like you!

Capricorn – “The Social Network” (2010) directed by David Fincher

Fincher’s second film on this list for another earth sign, “The Social Network” appeals to Capricorn’s dedication to fact and justice, while highlighting the dangers if they continue down the path of “I. right, you’re wrong “without inhibitions. ambition (not that I think future Zuckerbergs read an article with a basis in astrology, but still).

Capricorn’s penchant for sarcasm and wit help make this the perfect recreation. Just try not to post a Wikipedia page and make corrections just because it claims to be based on real events.

Aquarius – “Spirited Away” (2001) directed by Hayao Miyazaki

For the eccentric Aquarius, there is nothing better than a fantasy. Intelligent and optimistic, Aquarius will find the perfect adventure in the adventures of Chihiro. The perfect balance between your free nature and your unconventional charm can be found in Miyazaki’s artful world-building, but the importance of love and family in this film will warm even the most emotionally detached Aquarius heart. .

Pisces – “Song of the Sea” (2014) directed by Tomm Moore

Sweet-hearted, gentle Pisces deserve the warm hug package that is “Song of the Sea”. Although people born under Pisces are extremely sensitive and should be careful that it pulls on the sensitive cords, the dreamy environment and pure love core of this Irish cartoon is a great choice for your plush interior. with marshmallow.

Sure, you can sometimes behave as badly or whiny as the movie’s 10-year-old protagonist… but you still have the great spirit of this movie!

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