Which iconic movie or television alien are you, according to your zodiac sign?


The Space Alien is a staple in many genres – sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, comedies, and even musicals. Since there are no limits to what an alien can do or look like, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes across film and television, ranging from humanoids to out-of-this-world appearances.

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In addition to their varied aesthetics, aliens can span many different beliefs, strengths, and personality types. And as creatures beyond the stars, it’s incredibly fitting that so many iconic alien characters are so perfectly suited to each of the zodiac signs.

12 Aries: Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

Stitch disguised as Elvis in Lilo and Stitch

The 626 AKA Stitch Experience is one of Disney’s most recent popular characters, and for good reason. He’s adorable but deceptively strong, with a big personality to make up for his small size. Lilo & Stitch remains a beloved Disney film to this day, with Stitch pursuing further adventures in three more films and a popular animated series.

Stitch is the perfect Aries before and after meeting Lilo. Full of energy and responsive, Stitch is best known for the entertaining mayhem he brings about, especially when posing as Lilo’s dog. However, Stitch’s strongest qualities as an Aries are that he is an independent leader who takes initiative, and his dedication to protecting Lilo and his ohana is undeniably strong.

11 Taurus: Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Chewbacca in Star Wars The Force Awakens

One of the most beloved characters of the Star wars the franchise is the Wookiee Chewbacca. Han Solo’s friend and criminal partner, Chewbacca has become a hit with fans due to his iconic, hairy appearance, camaraderie with Solo, and bold personality.

The imposing Chewie is a Taurus through and through. Although stubborn, Chewie is strong, loyal, and reliable, and like the Taurus, Chewie will only attack if provoked by the enemy or if one of his friends is threatened. The icing on the cake that makes him a good Taurus is that Chewbacca has proven to be a boss time and time again. Solo would be lost without his co-pilot.

ten Gemini: The Doctor (Dr Who)

David Tennant, Jodie Whittaker and Tom Baker as Doctor in Dr Who

Doctor Who has delighted fans around the world for generations. What makes the famous Time Lord such a beloved, interesting and exciting character is that he is able to regenerate himself in a new form, which causes the eccentric Doctor to take on thirteen different forms over time, with a fourteenth form eagerly awaited on the way.

Changing into different shapes over the decades is just one of the reasons The Doctor is fit for a Gemini. As well as being adaptable and responsive, Gemini are intelligent and curious, which the Doctor always is, regardless of their form.

9 Cancer: AND (AND the extraterrestrial)

The children who helped ET escape.

One of Steven Speilberg’s greatest films is the wonderful AND the alien. Soulful and suitable for all ages, it’s packed with heartwarming iconic moments. This is mainly due to the fact that the alien alien is such a sweet and lovable character.

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Like those under the sign of Cancer, ET is a gentle soul and willing to protect those he cares about, especially Elliot. But her biggest Cancer trait is her compassion, which comes in the form of her connection to Elliot and the infamous touch of healing from her shiny red finger. As a result, their final farewell is one of the most heartbreaking moments in movie history.

8 Lion: Audrey Two (Little Shop of Horrors)

Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey II

Little shop of horrors began as an off-Broadway musical based on a 1960 black and white horror and hit the big screen in 1986. It’s one of the most anticipated movie reboots, and one of the reasons is probably the huge man-eating a flying plant, Audrey Two.

What makes the “evil green mother of space” a very apt Leo is her bold and spirited nature. It’s all about flair, as expressed by his brilliant musical numbers. Additionally, Audrey Two is confident and assertive. He knows exactly what he wants and will take matters into his own hands, taking matters into his own hands if need be.

7 Virgo: Spock (Star Trek)

Spock is without a doubt one of the most iconic characters not only in the sci-fi world, but in mainstream culture as a whole. First appearance in the hit television series Star Trek, the half-vulcan instantly became a fan favorite with his insightful nature, intelligence, and sympathetic conflict with his human side.

The most obvious reason Spock fits in well under the sign of Virgo is that he is analytical. Vulcans are by nature an intelligent species that relies on logic, and Spock, while only half-Vulcan, is no exception. Additionally, Spock has the Virgo traits of being practical, reserved and, most importantly, helpful. Captain Kirk and the crew may have suffered many terrible spells without Spock’s voluntary help.

6 Libra: Superman

Clark Kent as Superman in Man of Steel

He may look like an ordinary human, especially under the guise of civilian Clarke Kent, but Superman is truly an alien. Originally from the planet Krypton, Superman (or Kal-El, his Kryptonian name) was sent to Earth as a baby moments before his home planet was destroyed. He’s more famous as a superhero, but there’s no denying his alien roots.

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While his physical strength is worthy of a Taurus, Superman’s obvious sense of justice and diplomacy places him firmly in Libra. He sees right from wrong, thinks with his brain rather than his superhuman muscles (using it only when needed), and seeks a safe and fair solution to any problem that arises.

5 Scorpio: Neytiri (Avatar)

Neytiri in Avatar

To call James Cameron’s sci-fi business Avatar a blockbuster is an understatement. Adventure is the highest grossing film of all time and is a visual masterpiece. The ethereal planet Pandora (now a popular landmark in Disney’s Animal Kingdom) is a lush landscape filled with vibrant and unusual flora and fauna and is home to the peaceful alien race Na’vi.

Princess Na’vi Neytiri, the film’s main female protagonist, makes a great Scorpio because she is brave, willful, and knowledgeable beyond her years. But more importantly, she’s passionate about whatever interests her, whether it’s her house, her clan, or possibly Jake, and is ready to protect them with all her might.

4 Sagittarius: Paul (Paul)

Paul is the titular alien in the sci-fi comedy starring trilogy legends Cornetto, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. With Seth Rogan’s fun voice-over performance and drawing from popular sci-fi references, Paul is a very funny and entertaining character to watch, who has more depth to his character than the crass lyrics.

True to the sign of Sagittarius, Paul is funny, honest and independent. But what makes Paul a great Sagittarius is his positive, outgoing nature, which brings out the confidence and strength found in the British sci-fi geeks of Pegg and Frost.

3 Capricorn: Marvin the Martian (Looney Tunes)

Marvin the Martian tries to claim a planet

Marvin the Martian is a popular figure in the Looney Tunes cartoons, notably appearing as an antagonist. His most recent appearance was in Space Jam: a new legacy but his biggest role was in the Looney Tunes derivative series Dodgers duck, where he served as a Martian commander during the reign of the Martian Queen.

Whether taking command or taking orders, Marvin is extremely disciplined and takes his job very seriously, two key traits of Capricorns. He doesn’t have time to interfere with the Terrans. Plus, like a true Capricorn, Marvin is tenacious and won’t come down without a fight.

2 Aquarius: Yoda (Star Wars)

Luke skywalker yoda Degobah Cave Star wars the empire strikes back

Like Spock, Star Wars’ Yoda is one of the most iconic aliens in modern culture. With his distinct wrinkled green skin, unusual way of speaking, and undying wisdom, Yoda played a key role in teaching Luke Skywalker, giving him many valuable lessons both in being a Jedi and in becoming a stronger person. .

Despite being intellectual, Aquarians are known to be eccentric, and Yoda is certainly both wise and eccentric. Plus, her independent yet friendly and approachable nature is perfect for any Aquarius.

1 Pisces: Starfire (Teen Titans)

Starfire in Teen Titans

Alien Princess Starfire is a key member of the Teen Titans and Robin / Nightwing’s love interest. His most notable screen appearances are in the 2000s animated series, and its spinoff series, Teen Titans GO !, which is much lighter and sillier than its predecessor.

As the friendliest and most compassionate member of the team, Starfire is a perfect fit for the sign of Pisces. Although not from Earth, the sensitive Starfire does her best to understand and is always there for her comrades, even if her good intentions sometimes fall flat.

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