Which horror movie monster are you based on your zodiac sign?


Sagittarians have an almost reckless abandonment when it comes to exploring all aspects of the human condition. They also like to dream the impossible dream. As such, the Sagittarius personality fits Freddy Krueger like a glove. As the son of 100 Maniacs, the Springwood Slasher didn’t have the best start in life, but as a Sagittarius he did have a vision. And that vision was to become the most evil soul on the planet that could cut and burn in dreams as well as in reality.

According to The Sun, Sagittarius also has a great sense of humor. In another world, Krueger could have been a funny and famous man. Look past the felt, horribly burnt face, bladed gloves, cruel growl, and rat eyes, and you’ll see an aspiring standing comedian tap dancing and deliver a series of quick one-fires. linings. Sagittarians are also known as the Archer of the Zodiac, and once these strange hybrids of humans and horses have you locked in their sights, you’re lost. As a typical Sagittarius, Krueger is relentless in pursuit of his victims. It doesn’t just cross state borders, but it also crosses the border between reality and dreams in pursuit of its prey. It is this tenacious determination that makes him a true Sagittarius.

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