Which Arkham Games villain are you based on your zodiac sign?

Since the announcement of the next installment of the Batman: Arkham Games, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice Leaguehas been postponed until next year, now is a good time to enjoy it and immerse yourself in the Arkhamverse through a replay of previous games and downloadable content.

With nearly the entire Batman rogues gallery tangled up in the multiple games spanning much of the Dark Knight’s career, it’s fun to compare who has what zodiac traits and exactly how these villains use these star signs to make of Gotham from Arkhamverse a nightmare.

Aries – Ra’s al Ghul

If hopes her story will continue in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League unfolds, Ra’s al Ghul’s reign as the quintessential Aries of Arkham will continue. Although they are effective leaders, Aries can sometimes put themselves forward. As a demon leader and leader of the League of Assassins, al Ghul is known for this by accumulating power from the Lazarus Pit.


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Passionate, powerful, and determined, Aries is focused on getting things done their way. This is why Aries like Ra’s al Ghul do not believe in defeat. They find a way to find themselves above all situations, even if it means defying death.

Bull – Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin

The Penguin in Batman: Arkham City.

Taurus is a sign dedicated to luxury and cocooning. While most people in the Arkham games are not known for any of these traits, Oswald Cobblepot has dedicated his life to living in luxury – by criminal means, of course. Obsessed with a fault, Taurus pursues his actions until it is impossible to do so.

This can leave Penguin in the middle of some sticky situations, like having the GCPD and Batman breathing down his neck. Loyalty is extremely important to Taurus, so Penguin won’t tolerate anyone turning their back on him. Partnerships and organization are of utmost importance to Taurus like Penguin.

Gemini – Basil Karlo / Clayface

Batman facing off against Clayface in the Batman Arkham City Theater

When it comes to transformative signs, Geminis have the most flexibility and ability to transition. Several characters have taken the Clayface name in DC Comics, but Basil Karlo’s Clayface is the most notable due to his prowess in transforming and using his acting ability and transmutable physiology to imitate and replicate others. Karlo’s actions are almost always looking for his next role.

Like Karlo, Gemini’s actions can be interpreted as having hidden agendas when in reality, they are very focused on what they want to accomplish. Being ambitious and passionate about lots of things means Geminis set lots of goals, and their multi-faceted personalities will help them achieve those goals.

Cancer – Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze in Batman: Arkham Origins DLC, Cold, Cold Heart

Relationships are important to Cancers, and no one in the Arkham is as dedicated to relationships as Victor Fries. This passion and dedication is admirable, but sometimes it causes Cancers to occasionally blur the line between “passionate” and “possessive,” although this almost always comes from a place of care.

Cancers are also deeply private. Much like Freeze’s cyro suit, Cancers tend to be more comfortable in their own spaces, physically and emotionally. It may take time for a Cancer to get used to someone new, but once accepted, it’s a lifelong friendship built on trust and respect.

Leo – The Joker

Introducing Batman Arkham Origins' Joker

It’s no secret that Leos are known for their bold personalities. The traits of Leos closely match the Joker’s propensity for big plans. One of the threads that connect the Batman: Arkham games together is Joker’s fear of disappearing from Gotham’s consciousness, and being forgotten is an insecurity commonly associated with Leos.

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Instead, this sign finds a deep sense of joy and pride in surrounding themselves with other successful people, often establishing and taking direction in their endeavors. Like Joker, everything a Leo does has flair and pizzazz and involves expressing themselves creatively to ensure a lasting memory for everyone.

Virgo – Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange analyzes a dead TYGER guard in Arkham City

Hugo Strange uses his genius to develop and adapt new technologies to his projects. Virgos are known for their intelligence, patience, and dedication to their work. Due to their intense focus on their work, Virgos often have a desire to inspire change in the world. They wish to make him a more perfect version of himself.

Unfortunately, like Strange, they can get wrapped up in applying their idea of ​​perfection to the world and ignore the fact that perfection doesn’t exist. It’s important for Virgos to keep in mind that change is internally driven — they can’t force it on others.

Libra – Harvey Dent / Two-Face

Two-Face in Solomon's Courthouse in Batman Arkham City

Arguably the most underused Arkham villain of the series, Two-Face’s quest for justice makes him a Libra. The taste for quality and luxury is balanced with their hardworking nature. There’s always a way to balance the balance between working hard and playing hard for this star sign.

Libras are devilishly charming but have a temper that can flare up in no time. They are creative and this allows them to develop new and exciting ideas. This sometimes leaves them at odds with themselves, as their insecurity can get in the way of their honest personality.

Scorpion-Jonathan Crane / Scarecrow

With an emphasis on the long game of his plans, Scarecrow’s multi-level schemes are full of complications designed to bring the Dark Knight into the nightmares of Gotham. The Scarecrow’s desire to understand and harness fear is an example of how easily Scorpio can corrupt their empathetic nature by seeking power and control.

With the scariest character design ever arkham asylum game, Scarecrow is part of the star sign that focuses on taking risks that may take time to pay off but will change the world. Scorpios often begin their plans with a benevolent and empathetic intention, as they are very caring and sensitive.

Sagittarius – Thomas Elliot / Hush

Hush in his bandages in Arkham City

Sagittarius is known for its mutability and adaptability. Thomas Elliot’s transformation into Hush shows the kind of dedication to modification that Sagittarius seeks. They are smart and resourceful, and strive to think outside the box. They like to do something totally unexpected.

Nothing they do is small scale, and Thomas shows it when he tries to steal Bruce’s identity. He went through years of medical school, learned everything there was to know about Bruce, then had plastic surgery to look like his victim. Their “go big or go home” mentality means they take big risks and expect big rewards.

Capricorn-Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn walking through Bludhaven Police Department in Batman Arkham Knight

Before joining the Suicide Squad, Harley embodied all the fun a Capricorn can have in Arkham. Capricorns appear to be studious and reserved at first glance. It takes time before they open up and admit their wild and spontaneous ways, often prioritizing their big plans over a good time.

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Highly intelligent, Capricorns sometimes struggle to express themselves in a way that can be healthy maintained. This means that they sometimes bottle up their feelings until they burst or throw themselves into work to cope. Harley Quinn does this after leaving her Harleen Quinzel persona behind to embrace her freer side.

Aquarius-Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy smiling in Batman Arkham Knight

Even when not by the most ethical means, Poison Ivy strives for fundamental and systematic change and progress, like an Aquarius. The intensity of their beliefs can cause Aquarius to have tensions rooted in shared stubbornness with some of the other signs, especially when their beliefs are at odds.

Poison Ivy’s big plans for Gotham can sometimes leave her neglecting the little things in life, making it easy for her to miss the importance that connecting with others can have on the longevity and success of her plans. Aquarians need to remember that the biggest changes start with honest, organic sincerity.

Pisces – Jason Todd / Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight Reveals His Identity

The Arkham Knight expresses the duality of a Pisces. Their emotional nature gives them the ability to feel positive and negative emotions extraordinarily deeply. It’s reminiscent of Arkham Knight’s struggle between being a vigilante or a villain when he states he blames both Batman and the Joker.

Pisces tend to look at things from a very ideological perspective and not see things as they are because they focus on their perceptions. This allows Pisces like Arkham Knight to be ambitious because there’s nothing in their way, but it can also cause frustration when “unexpected” interference occurs.

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