Top 10 Sports Betting Books for 2022

In 2021, the legalized sports betting market in the United States doubled in size, with Americans betting nearly $53 billion, per Morning Consult. Before 2018, American professional sports players could only practice their trade in Nevada or on best online offshore betting sites. The repeal of PASPA changed all that. As a result, interest in sports betting and people wanting to learn how to get better at sports betting has increased dramatically over the past four years.

Today, many bettors believe they can finally put their accumulated sports knowledge to good use. Thus, this is where sports betting books come into the life of beginners in this field. Below, we’ve got you covered with the best sports betting books on Amazon, available in both Kindle and paperback formats. These will help teach any layman how to become a professional sports bettor in a matter of weeks, opening the doors to what could prove to be a most lucrative hobby.

1.) The logic of sports betting

Sports betting logic is the product of veteran game writer Ed Miller and sports modeler Matthew Davidow. In this easy-to-read 239-page read, this duo managed to convey concepts on how to make money with this hobby while breaking down perspectives that have never been published in other high-profile books. on sports betting. It lets readers peek behind the counter, showcasing insider knowledge with the why-didn’t-think-of-this logic.

2.) The complete guide to sports betting

Written by die-hard Boston sports fan Josh Appelbaum, this book is full of tips and tricks on how to place bets strategically. It details the different types of bets available, how to spot potentially super profitable ones, and when to walk away. Appelbaum’s mantra is – “winning when betting on sports is difficult, but not impossible.”

3.) Picking NFL Winners: A Paramount Statistical Handicapr

Over thirty-one million Americans bet on the 2022 Super Bowl, betting over $7.6 billion. Thus, football is undoubtedly the most popular sport that American residents like to bet on for fun and professionally. Masaru Kanemoto’s Picking NFL Winners explores mathematically sound handicapping approaches that rely on statistics regarding NFL point spreads. This is probably the best sports betting strategy book of all time.

4.) The complete guide to sports betting

Known as SportsWolf on Twitter, Kevin Dolan is a World Series of Handicapping champion, featured on WagerTalk as a football analyst. His book explains six betting principles that every professional bettor should implement to ensure profits in land-based and online sports betting. It teaches how to create accurate power rankings, analyze betting patterns, and evaluate line moves.

5.) Sharper: A Guide to Modern Sports Betting

Here is a brief 139-page book published in 2016. It is a quick read that explains how to maximize the bonus distribution. This is a guide to exploiting sports betting promotions that will inflate any player’s starting bankroll.

6.) Conquer Vegas: Winning Sports Betting Strategies

Conquering Vegas sits at the top of several top sports betting books on Reddit lists. It seeks to explain to newcomers how to avoid the dangerous pitfalls of the sports betting industry and presents proven systems on how to bet on the four most established sports in the United States, football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Therefore, it is very sport specific.

7.) Smart sports betting

Matt Rudnitsky is an author and entrepreneur featured on outlets such as The Daily Beast and ESPN Radio. Smart Sports Betting details how it turned a $100 birthday present into almost $8,000 in less than two years of sports betting. Thus, it allows readers to understand when they get fair betting lines, how to limit bad decisions, find advanced NFL stats, and stop their brains from conspiring against them.

8.) Essential strategies for winning at Daily Fantasy Sports

fantasy sports are very different from traditional bets. Still, many sports bettors like to participate in fantasy leagues to gather sports data while enjoying freerolls and bonuses from daily fantasy sports providers on their way to profits. Kevin Bonnet’s book provides a guide to doing it the right way.

9.) Bet and win on football with Midpoints

A midpoint is halfway between two objects that tell an interpretative picture of different events. Essentially, this book seeks to invent sports astrology via a new technique with midpoints to build a profitable betting system that uses statistical evidence.

ten.) Soccer Betting 101

Without a doubt, this is one of the best sports betting books for beginners. Released in January 2021, this is a new read that outlines simple strategies to break even by getting only 53% of the picks right. Elias Farry details how to spend thirty minutes a day finding value bets.

to summarize

There are dozens of sports betting books online. However, the ten mentioned above are quality choices that provide a suitable introduction for anyone looking to start spending money on sporting events.

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