Today’s Horoscopes: The Dangers of Mind Games, Regaining Control, and a Sense of Change in the Air

Today, our resident horoscope expert Russell Grant is telling one star sign to hone the gentle art of persuasion, while another is to give a loved one some advice.

Russell has a lot more to say after analyzing the stars, and below you’ll find exactly what the universe has in store for you today, Monday, June 20.


A less talented friend or colleague will play mind games with you. They are jealous of your recent success and their comments are meant to make you feel guilty. Turn a deaf ear to their remarks, or you won’t be as alert or as enthusiastic as you could be and then they will have won.


You are convinced that an older relative should support the projects the family is doing. You are known for your patience. Work slowly but firmly to persuade them of the benefits of these ideas. Eventually, they will see that there are more positives than negatives to this situation.


A young person feels excluded from family discussions. Don’t overlook their need to have an idea of ​​what’s going on. This will help them cope with the changes ahead. Sensitive issues must be dealt with. The sooner the discussions are opened, the easier it will be to reach an important agreement.


Ideas will be shared with a group of creative friends. You might be impressed by the suggestions made by someone who usually stays behind. Long-term joint plans are put in place. A partner is ready, willing and able to offer a helping hand.


Your job prospects and popularity in the workplace are boosted, either by sheer luck or because you are starting to see the results of your past hard work. Either way, it will put you in a stronger position to make your own choices and have more control over your life.


You are annoyed by wasted time waiting for other people to fulfill their obligations. You can’t help but feel a little irritated by someone’s laziness. But, at the same time, if you say anything about it, things will come to a halt again because of their sulking.


A friend or colleague may stumble upon an irritating bug that will cause a quick change of plans. A family member could be called in an emergency. Whatever unexpected demands come your way today, you will find a way to handle them.


Taking on the responsibility of a young child or pet could change your life dramatically. This new responsibility may come to you unexpectedly, and you may need to make changes in your life and home to reflect these new priorities. A loved one would need some advice.


A gift or message will be received from a youth or a friend with a youthful personality. With that will come a request that you do them a favor. You’ll be amused by how they approached you and won’t mind helping them.


Confusing messages and uncertainty about a job or financial matter will keep you from accepting the changes that are coming. Resist the temptation to eat junk food when you feel anxious. If you can’t think clearly, a brisk walk will help.


A reassessment of your relationships with your family and friends will bring about a drastic change. Your goals and priorities seem very different from what they were this time last year. After looking more deeply into an intimate relationship, you feel more able to understand yourself much better.


Wait to see what others are planning before making any commitments or agreements, especially if you know it won’t go over well with the family. However, other options or opportunities may soon present themselves to you. You have always been intuitive and you sense a hint of change in the air.

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