The Christmas movie you’re based on your zodiac sign

Lions – those born between July 23 and August 22 – are renowned for their extravagance, passion and love for having fun with friends. They are creative fire signs, who, despite their occasional vanity, are also generous, cheerful, and love to receive. Coincidentally, the embrace of generosity and the desire to be surrounded by friends are also the main themes of the 1987 Muppet TV special “A Muppet Family Christmas”.

“Muppet Family” sees Jim Henson’s strong Muppet gang spend Christmas with Fozzie Bear on his mother’s farm. Since Fozzie’s mother Emily loves surprises, they chose not to tell her they were coming, resulting in a lot of fun logistical complications. Miss Piggy – most likely a Virgo herself – is late because she’s at a photoshoot and decided to go Christmas shopping. The Swedish chef arrives to cook dinner, Big Bird sings Christmas carols, and poor Emily – still the host – has to decide where everyone sleeps.

Like the fiery Lions, the Muppets are a loud and dramatic bunch when they all get together, but they always end up finding a way to have a good time. Miss Peggy finally arrives after getting snowed in her limo, and the Muppets can exchange gifts and revel in each other, finally celebrating Christmas in a way even Charlie Brown would approve of.

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