The character from the movie Nicolas Cage that you are based on your zodiac sign

Lions have, and we think that’s the technical term, “great protagonist energy.” This is the sign you’re rolling out the red carpet for. It’s a lively, passionate and theatrical bunch of people who love the limelight and celebrate themselves. Of course, people born between July 23 and August 22 tend to be a bit vain. But if you were ruled by the sun, you would also act as the center of the solar system! Speaking of which, in David Lynch’s 1990 Palme d’Or film “Wild at Heart,” Nic Cage plays Sailor – a lover, fighter, and lover of Elvis. A road movie twisted by Lynch’s unique tastes, “Wild at Heart” sees Sailor break her parole to flee to California with her lover, Lula (Laura Dern). Unaware that Lula’s mother has multiple contracts for Sailor’s murder, the couple run into all kinds of scoundrels.

Lions like Sailor are renowned for their stability, loyalty, and consistency (it helps to be ruled by a celestial body that does not retrograde). Sailor himself is thoroughly and shameless. This strong and unwavering sense of self is essential for Sailor, who wears a snakeskin jacket as, I quote, “a symbol of [his] individuality and [his] belief in personal freedom. ”Sadly, like many ego-ruled Lions, Sailor is particularly prone to jealousy and quick to punch anyone who undermines her pride. Who other than Sailor (or a Lion) could a guy run into his girlfriend at a punk show, grab the mic and sing an Elvis love song? That’s the power of the stars right there.

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