The best mobile games of 2021 so far


Update: November 8, 2021 – New games added for 148Apps and Pocket Gamer

Here it is, the list of best mobile games of 2021 until there! We’ll be adding more reviews as the games release, so be sure to bookmark this page and check it back every now and then.

Our mobile games tested in 2021

Every year we review hundreds of new mobile games, choosing the cream of the crop for you to play. It’s not as easy a process as you might think. For starters, there is certainly no time to review everything, our editors and reviewers go through the stacks of games released each month and choose the ones that we think are the most promising. There are tens of thousands of mobile games released every year and we are running out of time.

So even before the games are reviewed, they are filtered on several levels before this selection. But, since we do so many reviews every year, we thought it was a good idea to create this resource, so that you can, at a glance, see the best mobile games of 2021 by review rank.

I’m going to reveal to you what could be a well-known secret, the Steel Media teams (it’s Pocket Gamer, Pocket Gamer France, 148Applications, Application spying, and more) really enjoy mobile games. We should too, because we’ve been reviewing them for over 15 years now, or, if you want to do that weird thing that people do where they add up collective years to get an obscene number, sites have reviewed mobile games. for more than fifty years collectively …

This means that there is a lot of knowledge in these rooms, it also means that we are quite specific when it comes to choosing the games that we decide to review.

Below, by assigned score and in that alphabetical order, you’ll find each of the games we’ve chosen to review this year so far. Decide for yourself which of these are the best mobile games of 2021, the scores are here to help!

5 stars – 10/10 – Pocket Gamer Platinum Award

4.5 stars – 9/10 – Pocket Gamer Gold Award

4 stars – 8/10 – Pocket Player Silver Prize


3.5 stars – 7/10 – Pocket Player Bronze Award

3 stars – 6/10

2.5 stars – 5/10

2 stars – 4/10

So that’s it for now, the best mobile games of 2021 so far. Be sure to keep checking back, either on the sites or here, as we’ll continue to pick the best of the best in the future.

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