The Best Card Games For Adults, According To Gambling Experts

Confused about how to talk to people at a party after spending two years indoors? Are you too competitive on absolutely everything? Do you like inside jokes and weird referential humor that only makes sense in a specific context and might otherwise be considered obnoxious? Looks like you need to play more adult card games.

For Vanessa Davies, chief strategist and co-owner of PhD Matters, the creator of the adult card game Life’s Potluck Buffet, playing games at parties or social events can help break the ice and ease any lingering social nervousness. .

“Even at the best of times, honest and meaningful human interaction is difficult without structured activity,” Davies told HuffPost. “Playing games with each other can alleviate social anxiety because play provides a setting for social interaction.”

When it comes to more conversational card games, you’re probably familiar with Apples To Apples and R-rated Cards Against Humanity. Matt Hendricks, owner of Thirsty Dice, a board game cafe in Philadelphia, explains that spinning games like these resonate with players because the goal is to impress individuals at every turn, instead of objectively winning.

“The card-based game genre with a ‘rotating judge’ has gained a lot of traction due to ease of access,” Hendricks told HuffPost. “It drives players to sympathize with the judge who chooses the winning card. Like most great games, this design recognizes that it’s not about the cards, board, or pieces, it’s about the players you’re with.

To maximize the fun and make socializing easier, browse upcoming adult card games recommended by Hendricks and other experts — plus a few reviewer-approved picks.

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