The best baseball games of the World Series


Baseball fans know there is nothing that rivals the sights, sounds and smells of a baseball game. That crack from the start, a perfect hummer to end the sleeves or just that swelling buzz from the crowd really makes the hair stand on end. But nothing beats it all, if not one of those games in a million that will stay with you forever.

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    1. World Series 1956; Game 5

There is no better example of a player who won it for his team than this Don Larsen game. The only time in the history of our beloved sport where a perfect match was pitched in a World Series and every one of its 97 shots was just on the money.

After taking a 6-0 lead in Game 2, Larsen had not had his best game and received his fair share of criticism from the press and fans. The best way to prove your worth? Finish all 27 opponents with 97 throws and not a point scored. The victory gave the Yankees a 3-2 lead and they won the series in Game 7.

    1. World Series 1975; Game 6

Although the Red Sox continued to lose the series, this 6 game giant has to be the closest game in history. The Sox got off to a good start and were looking to get on track with a three-run homerun in Lynn’s first, but they just couldn’t hold out.

Cincinnati showed their worth and as the game shifted from one to the other, we were looking at 6-6 in the bottom of the twelfth! As Carlton Fisk walked up to home plate and kicked the ball high into left field, he was looking for all the money he was wrong. Frantically throwing his arms in the air like a possessed man, the ball hit the post and was sent into the crowd for the most anticipated home run we’ve ever seen. The Red Sox victory!

    1. World Series 1988; Game 1

The opening was all about MVP Kirk Gibson and what it takes to be a true hero. Watching helplessly from the bench with two injured legs and a stomach bug, the Dodgers looked struggling 4-3 late in the ninth.

Up to the plate comes Gibson who is in obvious pain and discomfort. With a man at the base and two outs, he hit a Grounder and fought towards the first, only to see him foul and make him limp home. The man was ill and struggling. As the count climbed to 3-2, Gibson hoisted the next into right field for the most glorious of home runs and the stadium erupted as he crawled around the bases to win the game. He wouldn’t play the rest of the series, but the Dodgers won him in Game 5.

    1. World Series 2016; Game 7

When a losing drought gets so long that no one is around to see it throughout, you have to feel for the team. Well, as much as we love the Cubs and root them to break their 108-year streak, we’re Indians through and through and have been waiting since 1948 ourselves. Some fans were going to be left to be desired and to wait.

Coming back from 3-1 in the series, the Cubs were leading 6-3 in the eighth when Guyer pulled one out for the Indians. When Davis played his two-run homer to tie the game, the weather gods delayed the game with a 17-minute shower. It was during this spell that Jason Heyward, the Cubs outfielder, delivered this famous speech to rally his boys and take control of the game.

As the Cubs ended their 108-year curse, we Indian fans wondered where it all went wrong and how long we have to wait for it to be our turn again. In fact, it now looks like the “Indians” will never win a World Series again, whether Cleveland lifts the cup in the future or not.

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