The American giant Epic Games has announced an investment in the Brazilian company Aquiris

Aquiris Founders Sandro Manfredini, Chief Commercial Officer, Mauricio Longoni, CEO, Amilton Diesel, CTO, Kelly Costa, CFO, Rafael Baldi, CTO, and Israel Mendes, Communications and Marketing Director

In the Brazilian gaming world, developer Porto Alegre Aquiris has already achieved an enviable score. And you just earned more points for the next steps. Epic Games, the interactive entertainment company and 3D technology provider behind the popular and addictive Fortnite (and Unreal Engine), has announced an investment in creators Wonderbox, Horizon Chase and Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

The value has not been disclosed, but the partnership is closely related, as they will also sign a deal to publish cross-platform games which has yet to be announced. It’s a huge step forward for the company, which turns 15 in 2022, with American Epic Games operating one of the biggest in the world, Fortnite, with over 600 million accounts.

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“This is a historic moment and we are very happy about it,” said DINHEIRO Israel Mendes, co-founder and director of communications and marketing at Aquiris. Hector Sanchez, head of publishing at Epic, who will join Aquiris, said: “A group of directors.

The aforementioned Unreal Engine powers the biggest games in the industry. Brazilian developer CEO Mauricio Longoni believes Epic’s publishing strengths and close collaboration across technology, business intelligence and product development will help drive reach and quality some products.

Brazilian gaming market revenue is around $2 billion in 2021, growing nearly 5% year-over-year. Mobile’s share is the largest – with a majority female audience – at 47%, while console has 29% and PC games have 24%. Aquiris works on all these divisions with their titles, such as the one created in partnership with Apple, Wonderbox. Worldwide digital game sales are US$90 billion and growing.

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