The 90s Teen Movie You’re Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Often described as travelers or wanderers, the individuals provoked when the planet is in its Sagittarius phase between November 22 and December 21 could be the type to jump on a plane and bounce off an adjacent continent in the blink of an eye. . Then again, the urge to travel can take other forms as well: philosophical, spiritual, or maybe even technological – and no teenage movie wanders with technology like the 1995 techno thriller “Hackers”.

It could be argued that most adolescent films approach the ages between 13 and 19 from a predominantly conservative and institutionalized, ritualistic perspective; The characters worry about prom, grades, graduation, who is dating whom and who is a member of which clique. Meanwhile, the list of cyberpunks who go wild in “Hackers” – under pseudonyms like Crash Override (Jonny Lee Miller) and Acid Burn (Angelina Jolie) – live very active lives largely disconnected from their high school education. In this movie, high school is a time consuming inconvenience, not a way of life. (The real way of life, of course, is hacking.)

The plot is hardly realistic, but the kids of the ’90s who forged their own somewhat non-traditional path might find themselves identifying with “Hackers”, even if they never unraveled a global plot of embezzlement of corporate funds and prevented an ecological disaster… or called themselves stupid. as “Cereal Killer” (Matt Lillard).

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