Sunny movie review: Jayasurya shines in one-man mental health show


Director – Ranjith Sankar
To throw – Jayasurya

It takes a lot of courage for a mainstream actor like Jayasurya to have no qualms about doing a project like Sunny, largely a one-man show, like his 100th film. If not more, Jayasurya deserves praise purely for the intent behind making Sunny, a hard-hitting film about the importance of taking mental health seriously. Director Ranjith Sankar’s film, set in the midst of the pandemic, explains how isolation can hurt you.

Jayasurya plays Sunny, who has just returned from Dubai to Kerala. On the way to the hotel where he has to quarantine himself for two weeks, he burns his passport, which makes us wonder if everything is fine with him. He moved into the hotel’s luxury suite and soon began to drown in alcohol. As we spend more time with Sunny, the only character in the film except for a few other fleeting appearances, we get to know her issues – from her marriage on the verge of falling apart to having to. a lot of money to his partner. To top it off, the isolation is damaging to his sanity. He begins to have suicidal thoughts and the rest of the story is about how he fights his inner demons and comes out of them a reformed man.

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As the world continues to return to normal, watching Sunny is unsettling. The film takes its time to make us feel invested in Sunny’s story, but the relatively short duration plays in the film’s favor and keeps it engaging. Nothing groundbreaking happens in the movie, but some simple stories can leave a lasting impact when told the way they’re meant to be, and Sunny is a good example of that.

Sunny works more as a psychological drama-thriller. He deals with the subject of mental health in a very sensitive way and does not trivialize Sunny’s drinking problem. Jayasurya is effective in bringing out the helplessness of her character. It’s a moving performance because Sunny internalizes most of her emotions.

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