Stoves, sex toys and art books

Sorry to miss your call, VICE readers. We were busy shoveling our 2006 Honda Element (the unofficial Rec Room mascot) from the massive snowbank that swallowed it over the weekend. And while digging our ~whip~ out was hard work, it was nothing compared to finding all the coolest buys all of our dear VICE readers made to ring in the new year.

As we sit in our Off-brand Eames chairpulling on an old-fashioned pipe and enjoying the warm, soothing hum of our French onion soup IV Drip It’s nice to flick through our shopping scrolls and see what you’ve all been blowing your clams this month as January draws to a close. The last time we looked at the data, you all stocked up on slip-resistant shoes, pellets, CBD body lotions and Following. This month, you prioritized self-care, which we totally understand— and doubled down on home decor, kitchen staples, and workout recovery gadgets.

So enter our railway apartment without windows office, and see what your fellow VICE readers bought this month.

You masked up in January

Good for you, caring citizens. The unfortunate upsurge in COVID-19 cases [shakes fist at Omicron] meant we put on our most serious masks on the go again, but after two years of looking ugly in those blue surgical masks, you wanted something a little fancier that didn’t sacrifice comfort or quality. That’s why you’ve been flocking to these sleek black KN95 masks that go with everything. (If you’re looking for something with a little more color, We have what you need.)


TOPMAX KN95 Face Mask 25 Pack

Good Faith Masks

Black KN95 mask (pack of 10)

You pounded your noodles

Same, guys. We’ve been working hard on our 2022 fitness goals, and you’ve definitely felt it in the pain department. Fortunately, massage guns are more affordable than ever. This Olsky Deep Tissue Electric Massage Gun is a personal favorite, and you all seemed to dig it too, probably because it’s a great alternative to a Theragun for a fraction of the price.


Handheld Electric Body Back Massager

“No, man, you never use soap…I think”

We love our melting here at Rec Room, and have decided that yes, once and for all, cast iron pans are definitely worth it— and in January, you agreed with us, as you scavenged this pre-seasoned 10.25-inch cast-iron skillet from Lodge, one of our favorite cookware companies. It’s sure to become your all-around workhorse in the kitchen, as it’s good for everything from braising and baking bread to frying and shallow roasting.


Lodge 10-1/4 inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

You quit caffeine anxiety in 2021

What, you don’t like suffering from overwhelming jitters and anxiety just so your brain can get some bean juice? Good, it makes sense. Rec Room contributor Jamie Steidle swears by MUDWTR, one of VICE readers’ top-bought products in January, for those with caffeine sensitivities, as each cup contains only one-seventh of the amount of a standard cup of coffee, and instead provides mental alertness and natural energy through a blend of adaptogens. “The little kick (rather than a kick) of energy it provides is much smoother and more manageable than that of coffee,” he writes. “There’s no ‘high’ like the rush you might get with coffee or espresso, but there’s a steady, low-quality buzz that feels on par with a cup of black tea.” It sounds divine.


MUDWTR Ritual Starter Kit

It’s called taking care of yourself, Google

Whether you have been sag, pulsatingWhere squirting your way to January is none of our business – we’re just here to equip you with an arsenal of suction cups, vibrators and protective bedding for you to (literally) take care of yourself in 2022. You clearly have good taste, since you’ve taken some of our favorite sex toys to your shopping corral, including Frenchie’s new flexible vibrator; the classic and proven Satisfyer Pro 2; and finally, the Yoni Pleasure Palace Squirt Waterproof Blanket, which spares your sheets of any…sex-related fluid.


The Double Hear Double Motor, Internal and External Flexible Vibrator

Yoni’s Pleasure Palace

Eggplant waterproof blanket


Satisfyer Pro 2 Air-Pulse clitoris stimulator

You obviously have a coffee table for Christmas…

.. And you’ve also stocked up on the best beautiful books in the game: Art Objects at TASCHEN. Your favourites? The (now out of print) Fantasy art masterpieces; the beautiful “Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s”, by LeRoy Grannis, and the astrological edition of “The Library of Esoterica”.


Roy Grannis. 1960s and 1970s surf photography


Astrology. The Library of Esotericism

You miss your old bodega

We understand. Nothing hits better after a hard night’s sleep party until 7am LSAT preparation than a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich, a cup of burnt coffee and a Gatorade, prepared for you by a butcher who has been there since 3 a.m. and has not been hungover since the administration Bush. While this ceramic mug can’t compare to the real thing, it will take you back to the good old days every time you spill a cup of coffee.

Uncommon Goods

Ceramic Greek Coffee Mug

See you in February, dear friends.

Rec Room staff independently curated all items featured in this story.

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