Star Wars, Disney, and Science Books are popular choices among Office Christmas recipients

Thousands of books are in the Christmas office, waiting to be delivered to the right children’s home. There are hardback books for the little ones and cookbooks for the older ones who are trying their hand in the kitchen. There are many books on Star Wars, as well as many books on Disney Princesses, classic novels, and other science and technology-focused books like “Code Like a Girl”.

Book volunteer Marguerite Michels said there is a wide variety of books available, including a selection that girls appeal to. “We have a lot of books with strong female protagonists,” she said. “Kids love anime and graphic novels this year. These were quite expensive for us so we have a limited number.

There are also table books on a variety of topics. “Big books just make a good gift,” she said.

Michels, who normally works part-time for Spokane Public Libraries, said she enjoys helping parents choose the right book. She said most are very careful with what they choose. “They take their time,” she said.

The books are divided into approximate age groups and there is a volunteer in each section who is familiar with the books. They often ask parents if their child is an avid or reluctant reader and what their interests are. “We’re here to help fine-tune it a bit,” Michels said.

Cookbooks have been popular with older children, she said. “It’s got all the reading, all the math, and all the science,” she said.

Volunteer Kathleen Hay helps parents of older children. She said that a John Grisham novel was very popular this year, as well as “Tales of the Peculiar” and the Zodiac books. “It’s been very popular,” she said of Zodiac titles.

Parents who visit the Christmas office, which is open until Thursday, can choose a book for each child under the age of 14.

DonationsCommunity members contributed $ 8,785 in new donations to reach this year’s goal of $ 535,000. The total donation to date is $ 249,905.10.

Nancy Jean Evans donated $ 2,000. Don and Janet Hart of Spokane donated $ 2,000 “in honor of our immediate and extended family.” Merry Christmas to everyone.”

The Roger and Kathleen Chase Family Charitable Fund donated $ 1,000 through Vanguard Charitable. Robert and Claudia Jones of Kettle Falls donated $ 1,000.

An anonymous donor contributed $ 500 through Vanguard Charitable. Keith Comes, of Spokane, donated $ 500. Harold and Sharon Cathcart, of Colbert, donated $ 500.

Carol Stopp, of Spokane, donated $ 250 in memory of her husband Alfred, September 26, 1928 until Nov 11, 2021.

Margot Fitzgerald, of Spokane, donated $ 200. “I am happy to give to this fund each year,” she wrote. “Hope this helps in some way to share the season with others.”

Mary and Joe Hanson, of Nine Mile Falls, donated $ 100. Craig and Vicki Popp of Nine Mile Falls donated $ 100. “Thank you so much for helping people have a better Christmas,” they wrote. “We are delighted that the children are given a toy and a book. Deanna Isaak of Spokane Valley donated $ 100 “in loving memory of Leona and Emil Isaak”.

Catherine Caskey, from Spokane, sent in $ 100. “Thank you for everything you do, every year,” she wrote. Chuck and Donna Pierce, from Cheney, donated $ 100. John and Beverly Johnson, of Spokane Valley, sent $ 100. Peggy Gazette, from Spokane, donated $ 100

ML Hansen donated $ 60. Robert and Nancie Thorson, of Spokane, donated $ 50. William and Deanna Schneider, from Spokane, sent $ 25.

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