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Gaudently directed, misinterpreted, and utterly ignorant of its important themes, Spiral: From the Book of Saw is a missed opportunity that not only pokes fun at old franchise films, but also fails its attempts to gain new fans.

Based on an idea that Chris Rock, of all folks, came up with and described “in spooky detail” to the heads of Lionsgate, Spiral is at least partially made up of riffs that didn’t make the cut for stand-up sets. up from the legendary comedian.

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Moments after a garishly filmed opening scene, the film switches to Rock Detective Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Banks performing B material on Forrest Gump to colleagues. Moments later, he makes a racist joke about Jamaicans. And that’s when you realize this movie missed all three shots it took.

It’s getting worse. Minutes later, Zeke’s first conversation with his new partner, played by Max Minghella, is a one-sided sexist tirade about ungrateful women. Keep in mind that the plot hasn’t even kicked off yet, and the movie has managed to aggressively alienate audiences for moral reasons only. Why are we supposed to care about this guy again?

Spiral is the ninth installment in the Saw franchise, the premise of which is inspired by a scene from the original Mad Max. It’s somewhat telling that series creator James Wan didn’t have any creative contributions to this film and only retains rudimentary executive producer credit. He moved to greener pastures. Rock, however, not only got the idea, but also helped with the writing.

It might seem like a strange adjustment, on paper. But if Jordan Peele and John Krasinski can go from comedy to horror, then why not the Pootie Tang star? Additionally, people underestimate the similarities between the two genres. Psychologically, what is your gut reaction to a good fear of jumping? That’s right, laugh with relief.

But there is no fear of jumping in Spiral. Normally that would be a good thing; jumping fears are lazy, and the absolute worst. But in Spiral, all attempts to catch you off guard fail miserably. This is because the film never fully engages with a tone. One part is a police case about a killer impersonator who mocks Zeke by killing cops, and the rest is a Saw-style gore festival in which people are lured into seedy places, where elaborate traps invariably involve dismemberment. of a sort wait.

Chris Rock plays a Los Angeles detective in Spiral.

Directed by franchise veteran Darren Lynn Bouseman, who previously swore he would never make another Saw movie but was apparently brought back into the fold by Rock himself, Spiral looks like a Mountain Dew commercial. moderately budgeted where everyone is an accident away screaming “dar ke aage jeet hai” at their stage partner.

The film is set in Los Angeles but has no sense of location. And it’s so plot-driven that you don’t have a single second to appreciate the basic ideas that probably made Rock do it in the first place.

For years, the comedian has staged a silent social media protest – in addition to his more vocal and politically charged stand-up – against racial profiling in the United States. He posts a selfie from his car every time he gets pulled over by the cops for no reason. In Spiral, the impersonator killer appears to target only bad apples, telling them about their misdeeds before brutally killing them. More than one type Derek Chauvin is on display. But for some reason, the film seems oddly reigned, not in the violence and swearing – there are a lot of them – but certainly in its treatment of socio-political themes.

In its final moments, Spiral descends into full-fledged madness, where Abbas-Mustan twists are thrown at you with the force of a sack of potatoes in your face. Any pretense of prestige is cast aside as the film gives in to the torture porn aesthetic of previous entries. And you are left in limbo, wondering what the point of it all was.


Director – Darren Lynn Bouseman

To throw – Chris Rock, Max Minghella, Marison Nichols, Samuel L Jackson

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