Sequoia Games Brings Augmented Reality To Board Games Using Algorand Blockchain


We’ve heard of digital basketball cards as collectibles, but what about board game characters?

Sequoia Games has chosen Algorand as the digital ledger behind its new product Flex NBA, a board game licensed by the National Basketball Association that uses augmented reality.

The company said on Tuesday that Flex NBA is a turn-based board game with mechanics similar to Catania which is played with a physical board in combination with a mobile application.

Players assemble their own roster using “Flexagons,” which are collectible physical tiles that represent different NBA players, also expressed digitally on the in-game companion app.

Flexagons come to life in the app using augmented reality technology and can be upgraded to create more in-game value.

“There is a missing bridge between the ‘old school’ [board games] and the technology that exists today, a bridge that also connects our need to own something physical in a world that goes digital too far, ”said Sequoia Games founder Daniel Choi. “In today’s gaming landscape, we have either board games from the 1960s or mobile apps and PS5s. There is no reason for these worlds to be separate.

Sequoia Games inserting augmented reality into a traditional board game setting is one of the many recent examples of companies using blockchain to reinvent gaming.

Based on Solana Genopets combines the virtual world of GameFi with physical clothing that rewards steps.

In addition, European fantasy sports platform Sorare used NFTs to revamp their fantasy football product, increasing $ 680 million to expand into other sports.

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