September 1, Wednesday Daily astrology predictions by astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: The month opens on a positive note. The outlook is bright for those looking for a suitable job or considering upgrading to a better one. Good news on the family level is expected and will fill you with joy. Traveling to a leisure destination is on the cards. The outlook on the property front should brighten. Those who are in pain may show signs of improvement. Don’t let your guard down in front of strangers and don’t share any personal information. Keep expenses under tight control.

Focus on love: Your romantic efforts are likely to pay off.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: peach

Taurus horoscope: A pat on the back is expected at work for something you have accomplished. Those who take an exam or face an interview will find the day fruitful. Something you were hoping for is likely to happen sooner rather than later. Don’t take it easy, if your money is on the line. Taking an old health problem lightly can put you in all kinds of trouble, so listen to your body and act on it.

Focus on love: Raising a sensitive issue with a partner can lead to a big argument, so avoid it.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky Color: Magenta

Gemini horoscope: You are likely to build a successful career by pursuing what you are passionate about. Financial gains are shown for those who are in the stock market and trading activities. Someone to whom you have given a loan is likely to repay it with interest. Those under the weather can show rapid recovery. Don’t get upset over a problem without delving into it or you might be embarrassed. An error at work is best hidden from superiors until the time is right.

Love Focus: The day turns out to be the most promising for those involved in a romantic relationship.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: red

Cancer horoscope: You might get ticked off at work today for something you didn’t do. Not the best time to change course on the education front. An asset that you have coveted for a long time can finally be within your reach. A long-standing marital dispute will likely have a happy ending. You can go for a short vacation and make the most of it. Sometimes it’s better to listen to others than to be stubborn.

Love Focus: The day bodes well for those looking for a life partner.
Lucky number: 4 Lucky color: blue

Leo horoscope: You are likely to achieve something that you only dreamed of in a career. The passion for a hobby is likely to become an achievable career option for some. Miraculous healing is indicated for those who are suffering from serious illness. Avoid questionable real estate transactions to avoid losing your hard earned money. A phone call will revive an old friendship. You don’t always have to impose your ideas on others.

Focus on love: try not to get the wrong partner today, if you want peace to reign.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: parrot green

Virgo Horoscope: You are likely to be pampered by someone special in your life. Traveling with loved ones is okay, so get ready for a refreshing change. A property begins to give good returns. Investment in a new business is indicated. An unfavorable situation can arise at work today and can take a heavy toll on your mind. Don’t trust people too much because they may not be what they project. Stay proactive instead of waiting for things to happen.

Focus on love: The partner seems to be all in love today, so make the most of what the opportunity offers!
Lucky number: 7
Lucky Color: White

Libra horoscope: Someone’s insistence on doing something you don’t approve of now can turn into a blessing in disguise for you at a later date. A long-awaited promotion will finally materialize. A business trip will pay off in more ways than one. Visiting a tourist destination is on the cards for some. Family life runs smoothly when you give the partner space. You will stay healthy by staying safe and following all standards.

Focus on Love: Suspicion ruins mental peace, so discuss any apprehensions you have with your lover.
Lucky number: 18
Lucky color: yellow

Scorpio horoscope: Your stubborn ways may not suit your coworkers, so be open to ideas and cooperate. Something said jokingly can bounce off you. A distant family member is likely to give you full support and ease your burden. An investment that seems lucrative now may not be, so check it carefully before parting with your money. A second honeymoon in an exquisite place is indicated for some. Take all safety precautions when leaving the house.

Focus on Love: Romance is in the air, so make the most of it.
Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: pink

Sagittarius horoscope: If you’ve been feeling down for a while, you might soon receive some news that you will love. Students are likely to perform well. The prospects open up for those looking for a suitable investment in the sector of their choice. An ancestral home can become a bone of contention with a loved one. Do not entertain someone who is not transparent in financial transactions. A social cause can motivate you and make you join the movement. Your frankness can impress a like-minded influencer.

Focus on love: take whatever action makes your partner happy.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky Color: White

Capricorn Horoscope: A great day for professionals, as bagging new projects is a distinct possibility. Students will find the day particularly rewarding. A seriously ill family member is likely to show marked improvement in recovery. Having your home remodeled in the most economical way is a good idea and is likely to save you a lot of money. A subordinate may ask for advice, so give time even if you are busy. An unexpected turn of events will put you in the spotlight.

Focus on love: be careful not to offend your partner and taint the day.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Indigo

Aquarius horoscope: It’s best to face the truth squarely and not stay in denial. This will not only keep you from blushing, but also make you think realistically. Something you wanted to accomplish professionally may not materialize as soon as you hoped, so don’t be in a rush. Getting your subordinates to carry out your orders can be an onerous task, but don’t give up hope and persevere. A child may need your advice, so be available.

Focus on love: your married life may be hectic today.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: electric blue

Pisces horoscope: Months of planning are finally coming to fruition, but apprehensions remain. Professionals are likely to step into something new and carve out their own niche. You will likely get the full support of your family in whatever it is you go for. Those who intend to travel abroad must obtain their papers in order. Don’t wait too long to get help from someone you barely know. If you are concerned about a health problem, resolve it quickly before it becomes serious.

Focus on love: a chance meeting with an ex-flame can be a pleasant surprise.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: purple

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