September 03, Friday, daily astrology forecasts by astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: Those looking to find employment after retirement may find a suitable opening. You are likely to be admitted to an establishment of your choice. Motivating someone to slim down, who is gaining weight, seems like a daunting task, but you will succeed in convincing them. Making a scene against the restrictions imposed by your parents or an older brother is possible, but don’t overstep the line. Someone who occupies your property may have doubts about its evacuation.

Focus on love: Whatever you promise your lover, don’t go back on it.
Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: Saffron

Taurus horoscope: Today, you are likely to enjoy an evening with friends or family. A fun trip to another city is indicated, because you can combine business with pleasure. Neglecting something you have been made responsible for at work may not be welcomed by your superiors. Those looking for paid accommodation in another city are likely to find one that suits them. Overcome self-doubt if you want to achieve anything meaningful in life. Take sarcasm in your stride.

Focus on love: a marriage proposal that is close to your heart is accepted.
Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: turquoise

Gemini horoscope: Your gift of gossip will save you from a sticky situation at work today. Someone is likely to give you unconditional support in your studies. A business trip that you are about to undertake is full of promise. Switching to healthy eating will be easier said than done, but there’s no harm in trying. Don’t be pressured into buying a property just because you don’t have a roof over your head. Reduce your devil-can attitude and become responsible.

Focus on love: don’t irritate your lover by probing the past.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: rust

Cancer horoscope: The move to a new home is indicated and will excite you all. A recently celebrated religious ceremony will bring you peace and quiet. You will soon be on your feet after successfully recovering from illness. It will be difficult to pass up the opportunity to invest in a property, especially with low interest home loans. A startup may not get the kind of returns you expect, but give it time to become profitable. Be content with what you have.

Focus on love: Avoid a slang match with your partner today.
Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: parrot green

Leo horoscope: You have been working hard all year and now is the time to reap the rewards of your hard work, so rejoice. An exam that you had prepared will go well and bring you out with flying colors. Being swayed by someone’s promotional rhetoric about the property can make you rush to invest, so check it carefully. You’ll be wiser after attending a self-help seminar, so embrace it for your own good.

Focus on love: Spending quality time with your lover today is a good idea, so plan well.
Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: electric blue

Virgo Horoscope: You are likely to get a big break on the career front. A promotion or a coveted date is in preparation for some. Teachers can receive a pat on the back for the performance of their students. Some of you are likely to make a lot of money from inheritance. The odds of getting an improved raise seem bright to some. You may feel reluctant to get involved in a social campaign because it takes hard work.

Focus on love: your selfish attitude can make you angry with your partner.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: Fuchsia

Libra horoscope: Spending quality time with the partner is indicated. The partner may insist on sharing some expenses, so go ahead. Don’t believe everything you read on social media; it can play on your mind unnecessarily. It is better to opt for a faster mode of travel than driving, because the problems are predictable. An old health issue is likely to create trouble again, so take steps to nip it in the bud.

Focus on love: the spouse is likely to do everything possible to appease you today, find out why!
Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: blue

Scorpio horoscope: Things are likely to change slowly at work. You cannot enjoy an outing with friends today due to the fear of a disease that has taken its toll. Getting grades from classmates might not be easy, but persistence will pay off. Some of you will manage to return the last installment of a loan taken out previously. Difficulties are to be expected during a road trip taken by public transport, so avoid it.

Focus on love: Be careful what you say to your partner today because you can touch a sensitive nerve.
Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Indigo

Sagittarius horoscope: Something that you have invested in is likely to give great returns. Buying a new vehicle is on the cards for some. Those who are considering renovating their home should choose the best option, even if it turns out to be expensive. Your rigorous measures taken on the health front will keep you safe and sound. Renting a room is likely to increase your monthly income. It may become difficult for you to tolerate an incorrigible family member, but time is a great healer.

Love Focus: It seems difficult to spend time with your partner today.
Lucky number: 18
Lucky color: orange

Capricorn Horoscope: Hoteliers and restaurateurs are ready to rake in the moolah. On-the-job freshers will learn the ropes from their elders. Your unwavering focus on studying will help you achieve your academic goals. Visiting a new tourist destination will give you enough stories to tell and to impress those in your social circle! You can buy an expensive furniture set or new beds for your home. Excessive spending is indicated and should be kept under control.

Focus on Love: You really don’t have to meet all of your partner’s demands.
Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: pinkish brown

Aquarius horoscope: A long trip to an exotic place will help you refresh and rejuvenate. You will be successful in finding people to carpool and solve the problem of commuting to and from the workplace. Losing a lot of money in speculation or betting is indicated, so be wise in placing your money. Gambling is not in your blood, so don’t indulge in it. Your plan to move to a new location is well underway, but there is still a long way to go.

Love Focus: No need to appease the partner, who seems indifferent to your needs.
Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: crimson

Pisces horoscope: Your good performance at work is likely to be noticed. Those new to manufacturing would do well to raise prices now to make up for their previous losses during the lockdown. A family member who has faced acute medical problems can show a surprisingly rapid recovery. Your dreams of moving to a new place are about to blossom, so be prepared for the challenges that come with it. Taking the people who matter in trust will help.

Focus on Love: Things move smoothly and in a positive way when you support each other.
Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: purple

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