Rosie Ramsey breaks the silence on Instagram and reveals the reason for the week-long absence


Rosie Ramsey has returned to Instagram after a week away to reveal the reason for her unexpected absence.

Rosie, who hosts the award-winning Sh ** ged, Married, Trouble With Husband podcast Chris, has a massive 807,000 followers on Insta and usually posts every day and keeps her fans well entertained with videos about her story.

So it was a bit of a surprise to their fan base when they didn’t hear from the South Shields-born star for a week.

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There was a good reason for her hiatus, however, because after a hectic year of giving birth to her and Chris’ second child, Rafe and the couple Shields moves to a huge Northumberland mansionand recorded numerous episodes of their hit podcast, the family enjoyed a well-deserved vacation.

Revealing it all by sharing a picture of her Chris, Rafe and their eldest son Robin in the sun, Rosie wrote, “We’re baaaaack! You didn’t even notice we were gone, did you?!?

“We cut off our phones for a week and enjoyed some sun (sorry to everyone I didn’t answer, it was literally off most of the week.)

“God that was nice! But … all good things have to come to an end.”

Rosie added that after a week away, it was time for her and Chris to start preparing for their upcoming live tour of Sh ** ged, Married, Annoyed, which will see them at the Utilita in Newcastle for two consecutive nights Arena will play in front of a full audience.

She finished the post: “* Sincere apologies to everyone who thought we were dead / divorced / kidnapped / all three.”

Rosie took to Instagram last month to reveal that she and Chris were filming a pilot for a new TV show, with Chris’ former I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp co-host Vicky Pattison and boyfriend Ercan Ramadan as her guests have recruited.

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