Robyn Lively Stars in First FLIX Original Movie “Strong Fathers Strong Daughters”

Robyn Lively and her husband and frequent co-star Bart Johnson are so photogenic, it’s no wonder they’re actors.

Starring in this week’s Pure Flix movie “Strong Fathers Strong Daughters,” the channel’s first original film, they play – unsurprisingly – a happily married couple with a surprising and sudden marriage in their immediate future.

“We often work together,” Lively, 50, said in a phone interview. “But the difference with this one and why it’s so special to us is that we’ve never had so many scenes together. We’ve never played as a couple.

“We worked together. Like “Gortimer Gibbons” — an Amazon family comedy — “I did 40 episodes of that show. I think he’s made eight and I’m pretty sure we might have a line or two against each other throughout the process of the series. So it was a real treat for both of us.

A Yale drama graduate, Johnson, 51, is best known for playing Zac Efron’s father on the Disney series “High School Musical.”

Her father ‘Strong Fathers’ can’t quite fathom that all of his plans for his brilliant daughter to become a partner in his business are now ancient history as she prepares to marry her Mexican beau before surrendering in Kenya for three years.

Does it sound like the recent remake of “Father of the Bride”?

“My husband and I thought the same too. We’ve seen a ton of parallels between ‘Father of the Bride’ and this movie,” which is actually based on a bestselling book of the same title.

Tackling serious subject matter like a father learning to let his daughter go her own way in life and treating her with slapstick silliness is, Lively said, “sometimes the best way to deal with difficult issues, isn’t That’s what I learned as a parent anyway.

Married for 22 years and mother of three children, she began her career in Georgia shortly after learning to walk.

“I was brought up in a close-knit family and started working when I was 3 if you can believe it, doing commercials.”

The marriage between two actors has a less than stellar track record in Hollywood.

“The critical element is that there is no competition between the two of us. We both support each other.

“Also, in raising children, we never have jobs that line up simultaneously. He is able to hold the fort when I am there and vice versa.

As for ‘Strong Fathers,’ “We’re laughing,” Lively said, “because we’ve been preparing to play a couple for 23 years. We hoped we’d pulled it off.

“Strong Fathers Strong Daughters” airs Monday on Pure Flix.

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