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Review of Radhe Shyam

02:15 Prerana, Vikramaditya starting scenes are very contrived. These sentimental scenes test patience.

02:00 Time for Vikramaditya to leave Prerana.

Satyaraj shocks after reading Vikramaditya’s palm


The first half is filled with artistic visuals and soulful music. Every frame looks big and wonderful, kudos to the design team and director

However, the first half may be too classy for a mass audience as it lacks model business elements.


The scene establishing Vikramaditya’s prowess in palmistry went well

01:20 The song ‘Nagumomu Tarale’ is another artistic image.

OTOH hospital scenes between Prabhas, Pooja might

were better

01:10 A conflict with Jagapati Babu has been established


The song ‘Evaro nivvevaro’ is melodious, well shot in magical places

00:45 In Italy – Bhagyasree (prabhas’ mother) was introduced as a classical dance trainer

Dr. Prerna’s entrance as a free-spirited girl

00:35 The visuals of the song ‘Chalo Chalo Sanchari’ are super size.

12:30 p.m. Prabhas makes an elegant entrance as the great Vikramaditya – expert in palmistry.

00:25 Start of Radhe Shyam movie on Parama Hamsa ( Satyaraj ) . He explains the power of astrology

Rebelstar Prabhas is trying his luck after three years with Radhe Shyam and the film hits screens Friday in India, Thursday in the US. Made on a huge budget, this romantic artist is led by Radha Krishna Kumar. Prabhas and Pooja Hegde looked pretty onscreen in this big-budget romance saga produced by UV Creations, T Series and Gopikrishna Movies. The trailer and songs generated positive buzz about the film. On the way to a record-breaking release everywhere, here are the live updates followed by a review from Radhe Shyam USA’s premiere show:

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