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The coronavirus outbreaks in Leeds and Watford have led to the postponement of two Premier League matches scheduled for Sunday in the latest disruption to the competition caused by rising cases at the squads.

Leeds were due to travel to Liverpool and Watford were due to play Wolverhampton as part of the Boxing Day program which still comprises seven games.

The Premier League has now canceled 12 games due to coronavirus concerns in two weeks, with players having to self-isolate after testing positive or if they are unvaccinated and in close contact with a COVID-19 case.

“The league is aware that the decision to postpone these two matches will be disappointing to fans and understands their frustrations at a particular time of year when fans are eager to attend and watch football matches,” the Premier said on Thursday. League in a statement.

Games are also dashed further down the leagues, with six of Sunday’s 10 second-tier Championship matches postponed.

The Leeds training ground has been closed to contain the spread of the coronavirus, with five new positive cases among the squad and staff reported on Thursday.

“All of the cases we have known are asymptomatic, which we believe is due to our high rate of vaccination,” Leeds said. “The positive cases, combined with our well-documented injury issues, mean we wouldn’t have enough recognized first-team players to meet Premier League requirements for the game.”

Watford have told the league that with the players coming out of isolation they expect to be able to play against West Ham on Tuesday.

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Britain, where the omicron variant is now dominant, have jumped nearly 60% in a week.

After registering a record 90 positive cases last week, the Premier League has urged players to get vaccinated, with 16% yet to receive a single dose. While more than 90% of players in the Italian and Spanish leagues have been fully vaccinated, the Premier League said on Monday that only 77% of its players had been doubled.


While Serie A is on a scheduled winter break, Serie B has postponed two full rounds of matches scheduled for Sunday and Wednesday following a series of positive cases that led to the postponement of two matches to the previous round. The second division will resume on January 13.

The last games of the year in Serie A were played on Wednesday, with the next games scheduled for January 6. A match scheduled for Tuesday, Udinese-Salernitana, was not played.ts

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