People don’t tune into NFL games for advertisers

Greg Gumbel has been an NFL announcer for a while, but he doesn’t believe people in his position move the needle.

During a recent appearance on the Sports Illustrated media podcast, Gumbel was asked about broadcasters such as Joe Buck and Al Michaels getting tons of money to call games, considering him the best player in the game. team, play-by-play for CBS 20 years ago. .

“I’ll tell you, it’s gone crazy. I don’t need to be jealous. I was treated very well and always enjoyed what I was able to do for a long, long time,” Gumbel said.

Greg Gumbel, an NFL announcer, says NFL announcers don’t bring people to games.
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“So I think it doesn’t apply to me. What tickles my thought process is that I’ve never felt in my entire life that there was an announcer who could get someone on TV to watch a game that that viewer wasn’t already going watch. And I believe the only thing a broadcaster can do is chase people away.

Although no advertiser is a magnet, some are repellents.

“I know for a fact because – I won’t name them – but there are three or four announcers, ‘Oh, I’m really interested in watching, oops, no, click, gone.’ I really believe that. I don’t think anyone goes online just to hear a specific person calling a football game,” Gumbel said.

Al Michaels would move to Amazon after years at NBC Sports
Al Michaels would move to Amazon after years at NBC Sports
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Gumbel also notes how elevated big announcers are by the stellar games assigned to them.

“There are also other things that have happened. The games that people who earn this money call are very good games. People told me, ‘Oh, Al [Michaels] and cries [Collinsworth] did a great job on Sunday night. Yes, they still do a great job. However, they are having the best game of the week,” he said.

“Since the days of Pat Summerall and John Madden. Pat and John were wonderful. I wanted to be inspired by Pat Summerall. He didn’t talk too much. He was underestimated. He was specific about the things he said. And they were great. But how not to be great when you do Giants-Cowboys, Bears-Packers, Rams-49ers, Eagles-Giants?

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman left Fox for ESPN this offseason
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman left Fox for ESPN this offseason
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“Moe, Larry and Curly – no offense to anyone calling plays – Moe, Larry and Curly can have a good game of football.”

Much like the wild moves taking over NFL free agency this offseason, Buck and Michaels are among the biggest broadcasters to land new deals on various networks.

Buck left Fox for ESPN last month, signing a five-year, $60 million to $75 million deal to join former teammate Troy Aikman on the “Monday Night Football” booth. Michaels, meanwhile, will move to Amazon from NBC Sports, where he will call “Thursday Night Football” this fall, The Post’s Andrew Marchand previously reported.

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