PC games to put a shout out on your Halloween

It’s Halloween and you are in the mood for some legitimate reason to be afraid? Well our list of the scariest pc games to put that fear into your night is here.

For some of you, Halloween is everyday. It’s a full time commitment. To that we say, bravo! But this list is aimed primarily at those who lack a continued taste for the macabre.

Outlast screenshot

(Image credit: red barrels)

1. Survive

The first is Outlast, definitely one of the scariest titles on our list. Many tried to finish it but couldn’t stand the heat.

Set in an asylum called Mount Massive, you play as Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist seeking information for his article following a report from a source.

Your only hope for survival is to hide, run, and hide well. This isn’t such a bad strategy considering some of the monstrosities and horrors that await you in Survive to. Think you have what it takes? Be our guest.

Survive and Survive 2 are available for purchase at To smoke.

Layers of Fear game poster

(Image credit: Aspyr)

2. Layers of fear

Developped by Bloobeur team and published by Aspyr, Layers of Fear is a first person psychological horror game filled with scary sounds, spooky jumps and twisted mind games to make you question your sanity.

You play as a schizophrenic painter on a mission to create his grand masterpiece, but you must traverse the psychedelic twists and turns of a Victorian mansion.

While it’s not peppered with ghoulish ghouls like the other titles on this list, it does induce an atmosphere of fear that will keep you going from start to finish.

LoF is available on To smoke, and there’s also a VR version if you’re brave.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard screenshot

(Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.)

3. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This classic Capcom the title serves as true survival horror, something that some of its previous titles lacked. It provides the atmosphere, tension, and slaughter with fire-worthy opponents that you would expect from a horror game.

Inspired by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and more recent survival horror games like Survive to, RE7, takes place on an abandoned farm in rural America. You play as Ethan Winters, a civilian in search of his missing wife.

Set in first person view (a new take on RE games), RE7 creates an immersive experience, unlike any other RE game.

RE7: Biological risk is available for purchase at To smoke and every other title in the franchise, including the less scary (but still scary) sequel, Resident Evil 8.

Dead Space Game Poster

(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

4. Dead space

Issac Clarke is your name, and engineering is your game, but instead you must save your last remaining crew members on USG Ishimura. Well, your other crew members are technically alive, just infected with alien gunk.

While it may make you cry for your mom and require regular breaks to recover, Dead space is an elite title and should be respected as such.

So good luck, and remember headshots aren’t your friend, dismemberment is.

You can get this now classic third-person thriller on To smoke, where you can also grab the other entries and all DLC in the series.

Monstrum Game Poster

(Image credit: Team Junkfish)

5. Monster

In this procedurally generated roguelike survival horror game, you must find tools to help you survive and outrun the spooky creatures that are chasing you.

Developed and published by Junkfish Team, the independent studio gave the horror genre a welcome refresh.

There are AI driven monsters and permanent death, so survival means survival. Otherwise you go back to the beginning, but probably in a different location and with different monsters. You’ll be screaming for someone to save you in no time, but no one will come, so survive!

Monster is available for purchase at To smoke. Oh, and if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can play it in VR!

Alien: Isolation Game Poster

(Image credit: SEGA)

6. Alien: Isolation

Arguably the scariest game on our list, Alien: isolation, is a 2014 survival horror game developed by Feral interactive and published by SEGA for the PC. This game got the mission and really put the ‘sphere’ in the mood (um).

If you are a fan of the Alien movies, you know the legendary Ellen Ripley. In this masterful title that skillfully captures the feel of the 1979 classic, you play as Ripley’s daughter Amanda, who sets out to find Ripley after she’s been missing for 15 years.

Be prepared for the dread and dread this award-winning and mind-boggling masterpiece has in store for you.

Take a copy on To smoke.

Screenshot of phasmophobia

(Image credit: Kinetic Games)

7. Phasmophobia

Also in Steam Early Access, this four-player online cooperative psychological horror game developed and published by Kinetic games is a fright. And no, having three other friends to play with doesn’t make it any less scary.

Hunt down ghosts in this immersive experience. Support your team by keeping a close watch on your van’s CCTV cameras, or get down to business and collect paranormal data and evidence to sell to a ghost elimination team.

What could be better with Phasmophobia? It is multiplatform and available on VR. So take yourself and your crew a copy on To smoke.

Screenshot of Little Nightmares

(Image credit: BANDAI NAMCO)

8. Little nightmares

Little Nightmares is an atmospheric adventure horror game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. While this isn’t necessarily the scariest game on our list, it is very baffling.

You must navigate a terrifying place called the Maw, filled with hungry monstrosities and twisted beings trying to devour an innocent little child named Six.

As the Six, you must avoid the Maw’s many dangers while constantly avoiding new dangers.

One of the most distinct things about Little nightmares, especially for a horror game, is its stunning art style.

Little Nightmares is available for purchase at To smoke.

Pacifier screenshot

(Image credit: Hitchcock Games)

9. Pacify

Whatever you choose to play to keep you in the Halloween spirit, be sure to lock your doors and close your curtains because you never know who or what might be hiding outside.

Released in 2019 by Hitchcock games and developed by Shawn Hitchcock, Pacify is a co-op multiplayer horror survival game that’s really twisted and scary.

Pacify is divided into three missions with unique stories, gameplay, monsters, and environments. You need to capture paranormal entities to help an organization named PAH Inc. manage them.

In Pacify, there is a cooperative mode and a single player mode, and it’s interesting that it also has a PVP mode.

So if you want a good scare then you have to try Pacify, besides it is available on To smoke for just £ 3.99.

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