Paralegal in Albuquerque, NM – Money Diary

Job: paralegal
Industry: law
Age: 40
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Salary: $60,000
net worth: ~$613,000 ($1,100,985 minus debt. House one: about $75,000 for me. My ex lives there and our divorce settlement says he has to pay me half of the equity in two more years, plus the money I gave for the down payment. I don’t know if that amount is anywhere near accurate because we don’t talk. I know the house is worth almost $500,000 and we owed about $300,000 last time. I’ll pay Nothing on the mortgage so I don’t know for sure House two, a rental property: $259,000 total home value House three, where I live with my three dogs: $237,000 total home value Retirement savings: $510,000 Car: $17,230 , savings account: $2,755.08 )
Debts: $487,372 (student loan: $58,747, mortgage two: $222,000, mortgage three: $206,417, credit card: $208)
Paycheck amount (2x/month): $1,892.91
Pronoun: you/they

Monthly expenses
Mortgage for house two: $1,383.69 (My tenant pays $1,500 a month rent, which pays for the mortgage and administrative expenses.)
Mortgage for house three: $1,079.35
Student loans: $360.99 (paused due to COVID-19)
Health insurance: $59.99 (taken from my paycheck)
Utilities: $90 to $190 (varies by season)
Internet: $93
Streaming Services: $25.95 (I pay for Apple Music and Netflix that I share with my best friend. I use another friend’s Disney+ login and my parents’ Hulu account.)
Phone: $88.60 plus $1.07 for additional iCloud storage

Annual expenses
Subscriptions: $181 (New York Times, Washington Post, slateand New York Magazine)
Amazon Prime: $118
car insurance: $563.76
HOA Fees: $450
Rubbish: $140
Admission to the Bar: $215 (inactive status in my previous state)

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