May 10, Tuesday Daily Astrology Predictions by Astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: Wanderlust may compel some to pack up and go on vacation. It is better to wait for the right moment before investing in a project that you have been considering for a long time. You can get bogged down in details on the academic front. Landing a lucrative deal is likely to earn you a lot of money. It’s a good time to finish a minor job that you’ve been planning for a long time.

Lucky number: 1
Lucky color: Golden brown

Taurus Horoscope: Some positive steps taken on the financial front should pay rich dividends. Improved quality of work is likely for some and will be noticed by those who matter. A dietary change is likely to benefit your health. Family life will be extremely fulfilling. You will probably have a great opportunity to vacation in cooler climates. An ancestral home is likely to come into your name by inheritance.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: brown

Gemini Horoscope: You are likely to benefit from an increased number of clients on a professional level. The spouse can accept your suggestions, but only up to a certain limit. Good advice from a family member will do wonders for you. Those traveling to a vacation destination can expect total enjoyment. Signing a real estate transaction is indicated for some. We can expect some changes on the academic level. You stay fit and energetic. The odds of a lucrative deal coming your way may require a bit of brainstorming, so go for it.

Lucky number: 1
Lucky color: light red

Cancer Horoscope: Don’t poke your nose into someone else’s life because it could be felt. A vacation is likely to rejuvenate your spirits. You will succeed in raising capital for a new business. You are likely to go for something new. Those who struggle to find a solution to a workplace problem will succeed. Getting regular in your exercise routine will soon start showing results.

Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: Chocolate

Leo Horoscope: The financial front looks solid as your wealth grows. This is a good time to push your ideas professionally. A modified lifestyle will prove beneficial to your health. Marital discord, if any, should be dealt with immediately and in the most subtle way. You can expect a great family time on vacation. Investing in real estate is likely to yield good returns, especially if you sell it now.

Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: Purple

Virgo Horoscope: A contentious family matter is likely to be resolved amicably. An adventurous activity promises to give you the high you are looking for! A pending real estate transaction is likely to be completed profitably. For those pursuing higher education, there is no choice but to master the tricks of the trade. It is advisable to stick to an established routine. A financial windfall is expected and can bring you a lot of money. Volunteers can expect a turbulent time, but the new experience will still be enjoyable!

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: Green

Libra Horoscope: Some changes on the home front are likely to keep you engaged happily. A pilgrimage will prove extremely enriching for the religious. You can wallow in the false pride of ownership. You are likely to consolidate your professional achievements. Your efforts on the health front will likely pay off. Those in need of financial assistance will be in luck.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: Turquoise

Scorpio Horoscope: The money will come to you from various sources and strengthen your financial facade. Your professional prospects are likely to brighten as new opportunities present themselves to you. Roadside food can cause problems and make you sick. You will successfully nip in the bud a blame game that is being played on the home front. Neglecting your love life can strain the relationship.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: brown

Sagittarius Horoscope: A new business venture looks promising, so go for it. Those who are part of a common family are likely to have a pleasant outing together. An adventurous activity promises to give you the high you are looking for! The downturn in the market can motivate you to invest in real estate. Recognition for hard work is underway for some on the academic front. Being a picky eater will keep you fit! Diehard shoppers can find great deals to splurge on.

Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: pink

Capricorn Horoscope: A family elder may find it difficult to relinquish his authority on the domestic front. You might be more interested in saving money for an important purchase, rather than wasting it on unimportant things. There is a good chance of participating in something happening on the social front. You will manage to submit an important project to work. Your habit of opposing each other can isolate you from others.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: light gray

Aquarius Horoscope: Financial worries will become a thing of the past when you start earning well. Failing to stay focused on the academic or professional front can hurt your competence. Regular exercise and a controlled diet will keep you fit like a violin. Old acquaintances are likely to make the day pleasant. The chance to travel abroad on an official trip is likely for some. The spouse will appreciate your willingness to lend a hand to the spouse.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky Color: Rosy Brown

Pisces Horoscope: Housewives are likely to go over budget to improve the home front. Lots of travel is envisioned, but it will help you achieve your goal. Good returns are expected from a leased property. Academically, you may need to do something about your own shortcomings. You will manage to balance your routine with a workout and benefits regimen. An excellent financial deal can bring in money!

Lucky number: 1
Lucky color: light red

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