May 04, Wednesday Daily Astrology Predictions by Astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: Excellent performance at work will allow you to attract the attention of those who matter. The family may not seem supportive of an issue. Welcoming someone you don’t like on a trip can take the fun out of it. Owning a home is okay for some. You will find luck favoring you on the academic front. A balanced diet will be the key to good health.

Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: Magenta

Taurus Horoscope: Some positive steps taken on the financial front should pay rich dividends. Improved quality of work is likely for some and will be noticed by those who matter. A dietary change is likely to benefit your health. Family life will be extremely fulfilling. You will probably have a great opportunity to vacation in cooler climates. An ancestral home is likely to come into your name by inheritance.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: brown

Gemini Horoscope: You will succeed in stabilizing the financial front. You may find it difficult to get your point across to people to clear up a misunderstanding at work. You may feel responsible for an elder in the family when others trust you. Planning a vacation is on the cards and promises a lot of fun. A chance to acquire a property may come to some. A tough time on the academic front will see you through with flying colors.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky Color: Dark Turquoise

Cancer Horoscope: Things will get better for you professionally. The risk of overworking yourself doing something at home is possible for some. Plan your trip well today to avoid extra trips or double trips. A house or property is likely to give returns below expectations. Your contribution to a social task will soon become evident as you gain recognition from those around you.

You can choose to rejuvenate your health by joining a gym or health spa. Those who handle large sums of money should be careful because the stars do not seem too favorable.

Love Focus: A trip with your loved ones will prove most exciting.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: parrot green

Leo Horoscope: The financial front looks solid as your wealth grows. This is a good time to push your ideas professionally. A modified lifestyle will prove beneficial to your health. Marital discord, if any, should be dealt with immediately and in the most subtle way. You can expect a great family time on vacation. Investing in real estate is likely to yield good returns, especially if you sell it now.

Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: Purple

Virgo Horoscope: The family front will become a source of great comfort. Driving someone just for a change is okay. It’s a good day to address outstanding property issues. Participating in an event will be fun today. You will be able to achieve total fitness simply by staying regular. Luck favors you when it comes to money and will keep your coffers full.

Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Purple

Libra Horoscope: Your performance is likely to go even beyond your own professional or academic expectations! You may be stopped from doing something you love by the parents of an elder in the family. Vacations are in the works for those who wear the uniform, as time off is sanctioned. Take your time in a property deal because things don’t look good. Hard work and careful preparation will lead to excellent academic results. Self-discipline can help you achieve peak physical fitness. You will need to be judicious about what you spend.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: Yellow

Scorpio Horoscope: The money will come to you from various sources and strengthen your financial facade. Your professional prospects are likely to brighten as new opportunities present themselves to you. Roadside food can cause problems and make you sick. You will successfully nip in the bud a blame game that is being played on the home front. Neglecting your love life can strain the relationship.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: brown

Sagittarius Horoscope: An old friend can come by and make the day pleasant. Those who are on vacation can spend the day in a most boring place. Giving the finishing touches to a new home is indicated for some. Your academic or professional presence may leave a lot to be desired. A new exercise regimen may be picked up by some. Someone can take advantage of your gullibility and take your money.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky color: navy blue

Capricorn horoscope: Your cocktail tour will allow you to meet important personalities. A suitable home will soon be yours. You are likely to do well in a competitive situation on the academic front. Health-wise, you’ll probably feel much better as you say goodbye to a disease that has plagued you for a long time.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky Color: Dark Slate Gray

Aquarius Horoscope: Financial worries will become a thing of the past when you start earning well. Failing to stay focused on the academic or professional front can hurt your competence. Regular exercise and a controlled diet will keep you fit like a violin. Old acquaintances are likely to make the day pleasant. The chance to travel abroad on an official trip is likely for some. The spouse will appreciate your willingness to lend a hand to the spouse.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky Color: Rosy Brown

Pisces Horoscope: You will succeed in making the working atmosphere light and friendly. Harsh words on the family front can hurt you. The chances of going on a short vacation cannot be ruled out for some. Legal developments regarding a disputed property may cause you concern. You may find yourself in a financially advantageous position.

Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: light red

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