Marketing Associate in Wisconsin – Money Diary

Job: marketing
Industry: technology
Age: 35
Location: Northeast Wisconsin
My salary: $163,000 ($125,000 base + 15% bonus + ~20,000 RSUs)
My husband’s salary: $67,000 (But he just got fired, so he’s currently living on severance pay.)
net worth: $661,000 (Equity: $210,000 (house conservatively valued at $550,000, we owe $340,000), Shared Savings: $40,000, Personal Savings: $4,000, Ellevest Fund: $9,000, Stocks & RSUs: $75,000, 401( k): $210,000, husband’s personal savings: $32,000, husband 401(k): $67,000, my car: ~$5,000, boat: $35,000 minus debt.)
Debts: $26,000 for my husband’s truck + $340,000 leftover mortgage
My paycheck amount (2x/month): $3,250 + $100/month for healthy activity reimbursement
My husband’s paycheck amount (2x/month): $1,983
Pronoun: you/they

Monthly expenses
Mortgage: $3,500 (The minimum is $2,120, but we’re paying more so we can pay it off in ~10 years. I’m contributing $2,500 and my husband is contributing $1,000.)
Truck payment: $750 (The loan is actually from his parents and will be repaid in less than three years.)
Shared savings: $1,000 (We donate the same amount each month.)
Oldest: $1,000 (started when I finally paid off student loans, this is earmarked for early retirement, not touched unless it’s an extreme emergency.)
Health insurance: $105 (Taken from paycheck for eye, dental, and excellent health insurance.)
Electricity and gas: $80 (My half.)
Channel: $14 (My half that’s so cheap because we have a well for water.)
Cable and Internet: $50 (My half, I also spend $50 on the internet through work.)
Spotify: $7.83 (My half.)
Medium: $5
Gym: $51 (Spent.)
Phone: $40
Annual expenses:
car insurance: $340 (My half.)
Boat insurance: $180 (My half.)
Beachbody fitness classes: $109 ($100 expended through labor.)
Amazon: $60 (My half.)
Financial donations: We donate sporadically, mostly to local causes and sometimes GoFundMe initiatives. Last month we sent $150 to a local women’s shelter (which was matched with Employer Match) and $25 to a wildlife photographer on GoFundMe. We donate sporadically to optimize the Employer Match.

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