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You’ve seen the memes – you know the ones (Can someone with bangs tell me which planet is making me sad, please?). You’ve heard that Mercury is in Gatorade, but you don’t know what that means, nor do you know why people keep asking for your Big Three. If you want to get in on the star-eyed action – or maybe just improve your knowledge of signs and houses – quality astrology books can help you find your balance.

First of all: a quick introduction, for the uninitiated. Your big three are your solar, lunar, and ascending (or ascending) signs. These signs are determined by your birth chart, which records the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of your birth.

In which zodiac constellation was the sun sitting when you were born? This is your sun sign, the one you use to consult your horoscope. This sign determines who you are, what your outlook is, and what you value most in life. The moon, on the other hand, moves through the constellations faster than the sun, traveling all 12 once or twice a month, and wherever it landed when you were born is your moon sign – the indicator of your self. emotional. Finally, your rising sign is determined by which constellation was on the eastern horizon when you were born. Whatever your rising sign, this is how you want to be seen by others.

And that’s just the beginning. Want to know more? Below, check out the 10 best astrology books to read right now.

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Astrology for real life

If you want to get started in astrology, but something deeper than finding your horoscope seems to you manner too complicated, that of Theresa Reed Astrology for real life is perfect for you. Here you’ll find a step-by-step approach to understanding your birth chart, what each celestial body controls, and how to put the pieces together.


The Complete Guide to Astrology

If you’ve had trouble getting into astrology in the past due to horoscope authors’ strict adherence to the genre binary, take Louise Edington’s book. The Complete Guide to Astrology, which takes a much more inclusive approach to the subject.


Astrology for happiness and success

The pandemic has made personal care more important than ever, but taking care of yourself is easier said than done. This astrologically-oriented self-help book is packed with ideas on how to connect with yourself and others – and you don’t have to be familiar with astrology to use it.


Astrology for real relationships

Another self-help book for astrology fans, Jessica Lanyadoo and T. Greenaway’s Astrology for real relationships teaches readers how to use astrological knowledge to improve themselves and improve their relationships.


Postcolonial astrology

Everyone has heard of witches bewitching problem men – and many have wished they could do the same. Alice Sparkly Kat’s Postcolonial astrology defends the power of magic and stars to change the world, while delving into the political history of these practices.


Star power

Another beginner’s guide to astrology, this from Vanessa Montgomery Star power teaches readers how to analyze their friends’ natal charts and apply their astrological learnings to all aspects of their lives.


Astrology for yourself

If you want to start drawing your own natal charts and delve deeper into your cosmic identity, Douglas Block and Demetra George’s Astrology for yourself is the best place to start.


Madame Clairevoyante’s guide to the stars

Of The cup astrologer Claire Comstock-Gay is coming Madame Clairevoyante’s guide to the stars: an ultra accessible book that analyzes each sign by focusing on its most archetypal celebrities.


The astrology of love and sex

Have you ever lost a date because of your sign, or have friends warned you about a potential partner (*cough* Scorpio *cough*) but didn’t understand what it all meant at the time? If so, you need to pick up The astrology of love and sex, which will teach you all about compatibility – and lack of compatibility – between signs.


Cat astrology

Finally, there is Cat astrology: the book that helps you decipher the horoscope of your favorite feline. (It’s up to you if you choose to let your furry friend know this information.) Stella Andromeda’s fun little book for pet parents is also available as a dog version.

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