Kodiyil Oruvan movie review: Vijay Antony plays to his strength in predictable political thriller


Kodiyil Oruvan
Director -Ananda Krishnan
To throw – Vijay Antony, Atmika, Ramachandra Raju, Prabhakar, Shankar Krishnamoorthy

Director Ananda Krishnan has turned heads with his latest film, the awe-inspiring Metro, a shrewd thriller about gang snatching in Chennai. Although it was made on a low budget, it did manage to make Metro stand out with its raw action, especially the scenes involving a chain snatch. He shows the same promise in his first big budget film, Kodiyil Oruvan, which stars Vijay Antony in a refreshing role compared to his usual avatars. Presented as a political thriller, Kodiyil Oruvan is simply about a man who fulfills his mother’s wish to become an IAS officer. But the film is much bigger in terms of scale, and it has an engaging political subplot.

The film’s 15-20 minute opening is punchy and overly sentimental. Kodiyil Oruvan begins at a place called Kombai, where a young woman is solicited by a big cap to run for municipal elections. The woman, who manages to win the election, turns out to be an idealist and runs into the man who asked her to run in the first place. Dissatisfied with the woman’s methods, he decides to kill her, but she escapes and also gives birth to a child. The woman is raising her child with the goal of making him an IAS officer but life takes a detour when he grows up and moves to Chennai.

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As predictable as it could have been, the film works to a large extent because of its adherence to the commercial cinema formula. It also deals with the sentimental mother-son subplot that has worked in Vijay Antony’s films a few times in the past. As an actor well aware of his performance limitations, Vijay Antony owns the role of Vijaya Raghavan and plays to his strengths. If you’ve been following his work, you know he’s someone who can’t really tell the difference in their acting but usually chooses scripts that overshadow their limitations.

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The film is saved by some good action choreography and some clever twists. Shot in a real housing society, the place plays a key role in the atmosphere. The film is based on Shankar’s Mudhalvan and Nishikanth Kamat’s Evano Oruvan, which starred R Madhavan in the lead role. All of these films are about idealistic heroes who develop a deep sense of belonging to the society of which they are a part. At some point, all of these heroes must come to terms with their breaking points and the repercussions that follow. For Vijaya Raghavan, who thinks it is his responsibility to help the inhabitants of his locality, he learns that politics is his trump card. The film ends with the hint of a sequel.

tt: 10

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