Kelly Clarkson Net worth – Kelly Clarkson’s “The Voice” salary

Things Kelly Clarkson is doing casually right now: hosting her own TV show that people can’t get enough of, raising money from her many hit singles, and — ah, yeah — designing one So today we’re breaking down Kelly’s gargantuan net worth — including the money she’s made from her digital single sales, touring and real estate portfolio — and how her net worth has been impacted by her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.


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She earns $14 million per season of The voice

Corresponding celebrity net worthKelly’s That Voice The salary is $560,000 per episode, or around $14 million per season. But how much did she earn total for reality competition? That would be around 53 million US dollars – not counting last year. I am. Speechless.

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In the meantime, Us weekly just reported that their total monthly salary for both The voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show is $1.9 million – and a source says she’s renegotiating her talk show contract and “wanting a significant raise.”

Kelly Clarksons Digital retail sales exceed $11 million

In other words, a lot of people streamed Miss Independent! celebrity net worth claims that between single/album sales and her Voice Salary has earned Kelly $100 million throughout her career – but remember this is pre-tax!

Your 2019 meaning of life tour Grossed $17.5 million

Obviously Kelly didn’t last Everyone the money, but still. Her talent is what fills the seats, so let’s assume she got a pretty big chunk. Side note: if you have a free hour and 34 minutes (it’s cool, same thing) you can check out one of their full tours below.

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PS To date, Kelly has only earned about $60.5 million in total career touring revenue (and counting!).

She started a home collection

Kelly – as Wayfair’s first-ever celebrity brand ambassador, NBD – released her very own collection with the name

12 South 8 Piece Small Mercury Glass Tabletop Votive Holder Set

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She has a few acting credits

Although she is quoted as literally hating the experience of filming 2003 From Justin to Kelly—No, seriously, she admitted that she “[talked] too many lawyers and couldn’t get out of the movie” — the singer definitely raised $$ from the film. Also on her list of acting credits? your roles up Phineas and Ferb, The star, ugly dolls, and World tour of the trolls. While there’s no exact account of how much money Kelly raked in for each gig, it’s safe to say it’s probably a pretty penny, considering World tour of the trolls alone made nearly $50 million.

She is about to make millions from her homes

Corresponding The explosion, Kelly and her ex Brandon listed their Tennessee home in the months leading up to their divorce filing, and they’re likely to fetch around $6.95 million (a huge win considering Kelly sold the home in 2012 for just under $3 million bought US dollars). She also listed another home in Encino for nearly $9 million. So, yes…if her mansions sell, she could expect a $16 million payday.

So… what’s up with Kelly’s prenup?

Here’s the basic deal: Loud The explosionKelly and Brandon did have a marriage contract that they signed just five days before their wedding. But it was still reported by persons that Kelly has to pay her ex “a one-time payment of just over $1.3 million plus a monthly payment of $45,601 for child support.” But that’s not all! She will *also* be charged an additional monthly spousal support payment. TL;DR: Kelly pays her ex about $115,000 a month, but only until January 31, 2024.

What is Kelly Clarkson Net Worth?

Corresponding celebrity net worth, Kelly Clarkson is sitting on a very easy and well-deserved $45 million. (Amazing!) But keep in mind that this could go up if she successfully renegotiates her talk show salary!

Kelly Clarkson Net Worth


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