Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford’s astrological predictions for the Super Bowl

Are you ready for some football?

America is waiting with bated breath: Super Bowl LVI will capture the nation’s attention on February 13, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. EST. Whether you’re listening to the national anthem, men wearing tight pants and jockstraps as they bump into each other, the notorious commercials, or the highly anticipated halftime show, the Super Bowl has over 90 million viewers.

Hopefully, though, you’ve stocked up on snacks and party supplies sooner than that, unless you’ve been invited to one of the ultra-exclusive luxury celebrity soirees that are taking over the streets. big cities.

As the Los Angeles Rams take on the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., for Super Bowl 56, one wonders: What are the stars predicting for powerhouse quarterbacks Matthew Stafford, 34, and Joe Burrow, 25? And what can we expect from the rap gods at the halftime show?

Luckily I’m a pop culture astrologer, because that’s exactly what I do!

Matthew Stafford’s birth chart shows that he has a sharp mind.
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Matthew Stafford’s natal chart shows he makes wise decisions while taking calculated risks

Matthew Stafford was born on February 7, 1988. This makes him a focused Aquarius sun with an communicative Libra moon. His natal chart is based significantly on the elemental energy of air and fire, meaning he is passionate, direct, and aggressive. As the star quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, he’s in the right place to attack his goals — and his opponents — with intellectual strategy. He certainly calculates and has excellent vision in his plans and can think outside the box. All of this can be seen with the way her Mercury, the planet of communication and spirit, is intricately placed in her chart. It is confident and decisive. This leads me to believe that what makes him so successful is not just his brute force and skill – yes, we’ll get to that next – but his brain capacity.

Corn, of cours, there is also a huge part of his birth chart that speaks of him as a star athlete. His chart shows incredible physical vitality and stamina – revealing that his immensely powerful mental and physical abilities are a perfect match. This is because its sun binds harmoniously with Mars, the planet of action. Mars also smiles at Jupiter, giving it enormous energy resources and the likelihood of luck and honor in sports. His immense talents in combat and athletics have literally been blessed by the stars. Last to note, its sun forms an acute angle with Pluto, strengthen their ambition and desire to be seen as a leader.

Joe Terrier
Joe Burrow’s birth chart reveals that he is a powerhouse.
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Joe Burrow’s Birth Chart Reveals He’s Instinctive and Cunning

Joe Burrow was born on December 10, 1996. This makes him a fiery Sagittarius Sun with an equally unpredictable Sagittarius Moon. Her natal chart is composed primarily of fire and earth elemental energy. This means he can channel his passion and energy in tangible and lasting ways. As a person, he finds a way to run a little more on instinct rather than strategy, but once he’s made a decision, he can channel everything he’s got into it and stick with it to make it happen. In a way, he’s a bit like an unstoppable force: he can be spontaneous, shocking, and intimidating, leading others to be confused about his course of action in order to throw them off balance. But once he senses an opening, he can seize the day to devastating effect. His ability to read situations, people and life with heightened intuition is also significant in his chart, with his sun and moon united – meaning he was born on a new moon. He has no problem taking risks and trusting his own flow.. With his Mars linked to Neptune, he has a hypersensitivity to people’s emotions and can capitalize on their fears, then with his Jupiter and Neptune united – the two planets of spirituality – he can blend this intuition with his practical side.

But then, of course, its chart has significant astrological aspects which also speak of deep athleticism and physical fitness. Burrow’s Sun has an energizing bond with his Mars, bringing him great strength – but also a quick temper, with a high likelihood of being opinionated and argumentative. When harnessed, it gives him even more physical dynamism. His Mars is also beautifully linked with Jupiter, further improving his ability to receive luck and fortune in sports.

What are the stars predicting for Matthew Stafford and Joe Burrow for Super Bowl LVI?

Moment of truth: who has the best chance of winning Super Bowl LVI? Although I would have liked to have their exact birth times in order to determine their exact ascendants (all are welcome to contact me directly, for your information), we can still tell a lot about each of their personalities from their dates of birth.

Stafford is the more intellectual of the two, with Burrow being the more intuitive and aggressive between them. Stafford relies on his strategy, while Burrow trusts his instincts and isn’t afraid to use surprise to shock and terrify his opponents. They’re both intimidating — and successful — for their own reasons.

LA Rams
Will the Los Angeles Rams triumph?
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Let’s start with Stafford. On the date of the Super Bowl, I see that he has a lot of luck on his side. First, the transiting sun will almost conjunct his natal Mercury, giving him even sharper mental abilities and intellectual vision – playing to his innate strengths. The transiting sun will also be linked to his natal Jupiter, representing breakthroughs of success that are important for one’s lifelong goals. Immense happiness will surround him on this day.

Jupiter’s transit will also be linked to its natal Neptune, bringing an expanded view of life. However, while this is all phenomenal and could easily be a big win, there is one major factor I must mention: the transit of Saturn – the planet of life lessons, karma and challenges – is closing in on its sun. .

On the one hand, it can bring a glorious pinnacle of success – a pinnacle of 30 years to set the tone for one’s life and career forever. To say this is one of the most important periods of his life is an understatement.

Yet, on the other hand, all that pressure can also lead to dramatic twists of fate and a feeling of loneliness if he crumbles under the weight. Saturn is the great teaching planet and makes people steel fire forged.

The Cincinnati Bengals have a big game ahead of them – and it's going to be tough.
The Cincinnati Bengals have a big game ahead of them – and it’s going to be tough.

Now let’s look at Burrow. On the Super Bowl date, he too has a strong dose of Mercury and Saturn energy affecting his chart. His emotions will be especially important to him that day.

On the one hand, he will have tremendous initiative – but because his moon will also be afflicted by other planetary energies, he will also possess a great level of confusion, especially later in the day. This will impact his mind and his ability to think rationally. Luckily, with its Mercury closely tied to Saturn, it will do its best to channel practicality during this brief time as well.

Jupiter’s transit will bring luck to his communications as he smiles at his natal Mercury. The best aspect it has going for it, however, is a powerful connection between transiting Saturn as it powers its natal sun and moon. He tried his best to become more structured and organized, especially when it came to his accomplishments. Still, this trend will continue through the end of the year and is technically just getting started.

Because of all this: my true assessment is that Stafford has a more positive chart on Super Bowl day, while Burrow will bring learning curves and life lessons to improve his career and path forward.. Both will receive invaluable wisdom from the experience, but with so much confusion – especially in Burrow’s painting – at that point he really would have to block everything out to see through that fog.

What are the predictions for the Super Bowl LVI halftime show?

The rap gods will take the stage for the halftime show – and with the stars dancing so beautifully this year, there will also likely be some breathtaking surprises in store! You heard it here the first time.

Let’s take a look at our scheduled artists!

Dr. Dre was born on February 18, 1965. He is a social Aquarius sun with a popular Libra moon.

Snoop Dogg – who called the gig a “dream come true” – was born on October 20, 1971. He’s an entertaining Libra sun with an intense Scorpio moon.

Eminem was born on October 17, 1972. He is an outgoing Libra sun with an unconventional Aquarius moon.

Mary J. Blige was born on January 11, 1971. She is a practical Capricorn Sun with an intuitive Cancer Moon.

Kendrick Lamar was born on June 17, 1987. He’s a spicy Gemini sun with an emotional Pisces moon.

These icons will tear up the scene, bringing surprises at every turn. Air sign energy dominates this crew. Yet, with the moon transiting Cancer on this day, they will do their best to speak to people’s hearts and bring a message of family and camaraderie. They’ll each have their big moment – but with the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, it shows they’ll work as a team, understanding that they’re even more powerful together. These will be the important themes.

Good luck to the artists, teams and athletes! Let’s get ready to rumble!

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