January 06, Thursday Daily astrology predictions by astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: The project you have been working on for a long time may encounter obstacles. Your strong desire to get back into shape will soon pay off. A marriage in the family is in sight. An exciting time on the home front will keep you happy and engaged. Traveling to a remote location will be a welcome break and help you refresh and rejuvenate.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: orange

Taurus horoscope: You are probably ready to throw a party and invite your loved ones. Don’t go on a long journey alone. Someone can help you start a new adventure on the slopes. Someone might be looking forward to spending time with you, so don’t disappoint them. Only make a commercial commitment if you are sure you will deliver on it head on.

Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: dark turquoise

Gemini horoscope: It is possible to improve your scores academically, so go for it. You will be able to tackle a great, admirable project with your focus and energy. Some changes on the home front are possible. Now is a good time to break the routine, so plan a vacation. Your concern for someone will be most touching.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky color: purple

Cancer horoscope: Family property is likely to be received as a gift by some. Your supporters will take care of what you cannot accomplish on the job. Those who engage in speculation or real estate are likely to get rich. Someone who has been rude to you in the past is likely to make amends. Your help to a sick person will be a boon to them.

Lucky number: 18
Lucky color: light red

Leo horoscope: Finding other ways to make money can be time consuming. There are plenty of opportunities to develop your strengths academically, so don’t be shy. Celebrating a reception at home is not to be ruled out. You can fall in love with someone you meet regularly.

Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: electric gray

Virgo horoscope: Your helpful nature is likely to manifest itself and earn you immense goodwill. A problem at work that gives you a tense time will finally be fixed. You will do a lot to bring peace and harmony to the home front. A new business can be very rewarding. A short vacation will prove to be the most exciting and fun. You will succeed in bringing order to the hectic pace of life on the social level.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky color: light gray

Libra horoscope: Today you are likely to celebrate a special occasion. The family will support you in all your efforts. Professionally, it will be a very satisfactory day. You can lay your eyes on someone you are attracted to. Compliments and best wishes may flow for some. It is a monetarily auspicious day.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: sky blue

Scorpio horoscope: Some of you may find an additional source of income to strengthen your finances. Today you may have the opportunity to search for your loved ones. It is likely that you will strengthen your bonds of love with the person you love. You can achieve fitness on your own by following an exercise regimen.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: sea green

Sagittarius horoscope: Business people can find the day profitable. Total satisfaction is at the rendezvous for those who have bought a household appliance. Attending a special occasion at home is not excluded for some. Health remains good. Meeting someone you click well socially will likely brighten up your day.

Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: lavender

Capricorn horoscope: Save money by cutting corners where possible. Now seems like the best time to invest in your pet project. Those who go on vacation are ready to enjoy it anytime! Your habit of doing everything to the best of your ability is likely to be noticed by those who matter. Health is likely to improve for those who have been feeling unwell lately.

Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: yellow

Aquarius horoscope: Consistent progress is expected at work as you complete your job effectively. Some of you may need to tighten your belts financially. A trip to an exciting place is in sight for some. You are likely to achieve a sense of academic achievement. Vacationers can enjoy a few extra days in a healthy environment.

Lucky number: 5
Lucky color: magenta

Pisces horoscope: Some of you may experience a windfall. Exercise promises to keep you healthy. Getting to the professional front will be easy today and will give you time to clear the backlog. Someone on the academic front will help you understand the problem and seek solutions.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky color: purple

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