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India gets its first Gujarati animated film titled Shrimad Rajchandra – an inspiring biopic

Posted on November 23, 2021

  • The Biopic is the true story of a young boy with extraordinary powers who grows up to be the man ahead of his time.
  • The film is released on November 19
  • The film is released in 3 languages: Gujarati, Hindi and English.

Mumbai: Aatmarth Productions and Bhakti Trust, together with junior director Mr. Bhairav ​​Kothari, released the first Gujarati animated film “Shrimad Rajchandra, an inspiring biopic”. The film describes the journey of the iconic personality from birth.

Featuring advanced and immersive 3D visuals by Shreedhar Kakade, the best moving international music by Dharam Bhatt, the charismatic storytelling style of Amar Babaria and Subhav Kher and the melodious voice of Prashant Muzumdar, the new Gujarati animated film – Shrimad Rajchandra promises to win the hearts of all, young and old with a fan following in the national and international markets.

In preparation for 8 years, this film should now be released in its most beautiful avatar at the cinema on November 19 in 3 languages, Gujarati, Hindi and English. This unique cinematic piece captures over 55 awe-inspiring incidences of this iconic personality’s life course, from his humble beginnings as Laxminandan to his revolutionary spiritual influence as Shrimad Rajchandra on millions of people, including Mahatma Gandhi and Jamsetji. Auntie.

The film was made with such precision that over 200 iterations were performed for Shrimadji’s one model to get it right from birth to adulthood. This well-documented, content-rich film comes to life with the magical touch of music composer Dharam Bhatt.

Speaking of the film, director Mr. Bhairav ​​Kothari said; “The initial idea was to create a simple audiovisual that would influence the new generation and introduce a new perspective on life. But that thought morphed into a full-scale magnum opus as we explored Shrimadji’s life story! It took us 250,000 hours of work, 4.5 million hours of computing and hundreds of challenges to overcome. It’s a very special project for me, and I believe it’s not just a movie, it’s a gift of a lifetime!

On top of that, Animation Director Mr. Shreedhar Kakade said, “The biggest challenge for us was that we had to recreate character models and structures from old paintings and photographs. We have successfully developed over 350 character models and 100 structures that look like real life. This inspiring story deserves to be admired and emulated and I really can’t wait for audiences to discover the film.

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