If you’re Aries, here are the books you need to read

Facing challenges is not a problem for Aries. Beating them hands down, however, is the goal. Fortunately, former US First Lady Michelle Obama writes her life story, including the challenges she faced and how she handled them, in her memoir, “Becoming.” This is a book that Aries will find relevant (via Alachua County Library).

In her thrilling novel, “Heart of Flame,” Nicki Pau Preto captures the hearts of Aries, showing how far they’re willing to go to get what they want (via Bank). The characters in this book – Veronyka, Tristan, Sev and Val – face a war against the empire that will determine what happens to their soldiers of war, the Phoenix Riders. This leaves the decision to them what they are willing to give up to protect the Riders.

Emmie’s character in “The Event” epitomizes Aries’ personality trait, and Whitney Dineen, the book’s author, indeed gave Aries something relatable to keep them glued to the pages of this rom-com. through PopSugar. After graduating, Emmie lands her dream job at a high-end boutique and is admired by all. Things, however, take a different turn when she is forced to return to work at home in the family business. Did she have enough courage to face the side talks and the condemnation in the small town? An Aries must read to find out.

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