If you’re a Taurus, these are the books you need to read

According to Read-en’s garden, “Charlotte’s Web”, a book by EB White is one that any Taurus will absolutely relate to. The story of the friendship between two creatures, a pig (Wilbur) and a spider (Charlotte), teaches tolerance and loyalty to the end. Although completely different in nature, Charlotte the spider manages to save the pig’s life by writing about him in her web, by British. If Charlotte was related to any zodiac sign, she would most likely be a Taurus: a ride-or-die pal until the very end.

If you’re a Taurus who gravitates towards romance novels, Lynn Painter’s “Better Than The Movies” (via Bank) will seduce you enormously. The novel explores the romantic side of a Taurus. By the way, Taureans don’t pursue any romantic relationships unless they feel a bubbling physical attraction to their love interest, for example. Horoscope. So, in typical Taurus fashion, Liz Buxbaum, the protagonist of this book, is determined to get her high school crush, Michael, to invite her to prom no matter what it takes.

Another book you won’t be able to put down if you’re a Taurus is Jodi Lynn Anderson’s “Tiger Lily,” which dramatically tells a story of love and adventure, by Alachua County Library. The love story between Tiger Lily and Peter describes how Taurus deal with challenges without throwing in the towel.

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