How Astrological Predictions Can Improve Your Life By Chirag Bejan Daruwala

Astrology has the ability to guide your life in a positive direction. The incorrect and weakening location of the planets has a significant impact on the weather. As a result, astrology clears the air of bad circumstances and offers durations and periods during which one could flourish fully. Astrology allows you to know yourself better. Everything, including your courage, your weakness and your skills. Astrological predictions are highly dependent on the features you impose and the possible repercussions.

Love Marriage Astrology Predictions

The 7th house of kundali of each individual signifies the realm of love and marriage in the person’s life. Presence of malevolent planets or any unfavorable transition in the 7th house creates problems regarding love marriage or problems related to love issues in a person’s life. Astrology can help you find solutions to such problems by giving the right advice regarding which mantras to recite, which gemstones to wear and which poojas to perform in order to resolve love marriage issues. You can seek the help of expert astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla to solve the problem of love marriage by visiting for advice.

Marriage Astrology Predictions

When it comes to choosing a spouse and creating a beautiful, lasting relationship, astrology can help in a number of ways. The pairing of Kundalis of two people who are likely to get married indicates that the horoscopes of two people are complementary and in what phase of life can they encounter problems as a couple. Likewise, when things go wrong in a relationship, astrology is a good solution to turn to.

Career Astrology Predictions – Job/Business

It is essential that you make the best professional decision possible, because your life will be based on it. Your career goals are reflected in your birth chart. To make accurate predictions, you need to analyze the 2nd house (income), 6th house (employment details), and 10th house (employment status) of your birth chart. Zodiac signs and planetary placements in your horoscope represent job prospects. The positions of Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury have a significant impact on work. For example; Gajakesari Yoga, Adhi Yoga and Panch Mahapurush Yoga training is considered a suitable combination for government employment. The 10th, 7th and 9th houses should be strong to opt for business. Also, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Atmakaraka should be strong and well positioned for business success and only an expert astrologer can help you understand your horoscope properly.

Wealth Astrology Predictions

Everyone wants to be rich. Although people work extremely hard, they fail to achieve favorable results in wealth and finances. Wealth astrology prediction helps you with proper remedies to combat the malevolent effect of unfavorable transitions of planets in your horoscope which prevent you from being rich.

Health Astrology Predictions

Astrology will clearly see the effects of bad activities in this life, as well as the implications of bad health in this life. Whether materializing in the human body, astrology health predictions could anticipate serious illnesses or accidents. This is plausible since, in astrology, the 12 houses oversee the worlds of humanity, and when unfavorable planets intersect with unfavorable houses, poor health conditions and death can occur. Ever-changing planetary alignments have a significant influence on human well-being. A certain astrological sign is intimately linked to certain parts of the body.

Educational Astrology Predictions

Your educational fronts also need proper guidance as not every individual is equally intelligent. A person’s talent for acquiring knowledge and intellectual skills depends on the position of the planets in the first, second and third house. The position of certain planets like Rahu and Ketu also defines your strength and weakness in certain matters. Taking advice from an astrologer regarding your educational fronts can help you choose your career and develop your talents.


A thorough knowledge of astrology and medicine is maintained and transmitted from generation to generation over millennia in Indian sacred practices. Therefore, the art of astrology can be trusted. We will help you make a correct judgment based on the date and time of birth, you can contact Astrologer Chirag Bejan Daruwalla for an online astrology consultation or call / WhatsApp on +91 9825470377. For d other questions, you can also email us at [email protected]

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