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At Wednesday night’s Games, ITV hosts Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff and Holly Willoughby returned to host the sports program. The show, which debuted on Monday, sees six male and six female celebrities train to become athletes by competing in a series of sporting challenges. However, host Holly couldn’t resist bringing up the clash between Phoenix and Chelcee after the 50m breaststroke on Tuesday night.

The This Morning presenter’s comment came after Phoenix took first place for the women’s javelin event.

Mel B’s daughter scored an impressive 22.46m against her fellow celebrities, with Christine McGuinness right behind her at 20.05m.

Rebecca Sarker came in third place, followed by Lucrezia Millarini, Chelcee Grimes and Olivia Attwood.

However, as the cameras returned to Holly and Freddie in the studio, the mother-of-two made a cheeky remark about Phoenix’s victory.

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“Well, that’s a brilliant result for Phoenix over there winning the women’s javelin with a throw of 22.46 yards,” Holly began.

The host put his hand on his earpiece pretending to see if his score was correct.

She joked, “I’m just checking that Chelcee is happy with that? Yeah, she’s happy with that.”

Gasps could be heard from the studio, as Freddie chimed in, “Stir the pot over there, Holly, huh?”

Chelcee later protested, “I was clearly hitting the wall. Phoenix, you gotta beat me fair and square.”

Discussing the embarrassment on the bus afterwards, Freddie laughed: “Kevin [Clifton] didn’t know where to stand.

“Women are getting really competitive, aren’t they? »

“They are,” Holly agreed. “They really are. So, should we clear this up once and for all?”

She continued: “The results were verified by an independent judge after the show.

“The rules state that you must have both hands on the touchpad at the finish line with enough force to trigger the electronic timer.

“I didn’t know that. The independent judge said Phoenix came in third, three hundredths of a second and Chelcee was fourth.

“So let’s draw a line below please.”

The Games air weekdays at 9 p.m. on ITV.

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