Guru Gaurav Arya: Famous author of many spiritual books in India


(Magazine Plus editorial): – Indore, Madhya Pradesh, September 14, 2021 ( – Guru Gaurav Arya is a famous author of spiritual books in India. Many spiritual organizations follow his book to improve Indian culture and Sanatan Dharma as well.

Who is Guru Gauarv Arya?

Guru Gaurav Arya was born in 1993 in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh, India. He is an Indian astrologer and researcher. He has been practicing astrology since 2007. Now, having completed numerous cases, he provides astrological services to the world.

He is an Indian astrologer and researcher. By profession he is an astrologer / paranormal expert and occult master, also a famous author of many spiritual books. At the start of his career he was a mechanical engineer after the completion of engineering projects he started Astrology Consulting. Now, Acharya Gaurav Arya is a prominent name in astrology. He has written many books in Hindi and English.

Achievements of Guru Gaurav Arya as an Astrologer

Guru Gaurav Arya Has received many awards in the field of Vedic Astrology eg Jyotish Shree, Vibhushan. However, Guru Gaurav Arya is also known as Acharya Gaurav Arya. Hence, he is a world famous person in Vedic Astrology. Having expertise in all departments of Vedic Astrology. However, he has been providing services since 2007 in India. Certainly, He provides real remedies to customers. It has a wide variety of solutions for all specific problems. Hence, he is a spiritual author in India. He is also an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering.

Books by Guru Gaurav Arya

Author of numerous spiritual books and occult sciences

Shree Shani Samhita

Yantra Tatvam

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Secrets of Lord Shani: Top Secrets of Lord Shani

The nine planets of astrology: explanation of the planets

Shani Yantra’s: The Power of Shani Yantra’s


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