Gemstone And Crystal Store Tiny Rituals Promotes Its Crystal Book Collection

Encinitas, Calif. –

Tiny Rituals has announced the launch of its collection of crystal books. As of this writing, customers can save 20% off their order when they bundle 3 items from the collection.

The crystal books in the Tiny Rituals collection talk about the many common and rare crystals that are considered valuable for their metaphysical properties. All of the books in the collection are curated by Judy Hall, a master of astrology, healer, leader, and visionary seer. The books explain how the radiant powers of crystals interact with the body, mind, and spirit of the person who wears them, transports them, or incorporates them into their home decor. The books in the collection contain a lot of detail within their pages, allowing some to be used as references while others can be taken as easy-to-read getting started guides. The difficulty ranges from beginner to intermediate to expert, giving all readers something to get lost in, depending on their existing familiarity with the world of crystals and spiritual healing.

A spokesperson for the online jewelry, gemstone and crystal store speaks of its collection of crystal books, saying, “These books contain a universe of knowledge that is not readily available online. The books we have selected for this selection will allow you to choose the ideal crystals and stones you need in your life based on their unique powers, the traits they encourage and the chakras, zodiac signs and elements they are the most connected. for. Regardless of your current level of interest in crystals, we are confident that after reading these books you will know more about the wondrous metaphysical systems that govern the human body, the universe, and our destinies. Reading the books can unlock deeper healing by letting you know which crystal aligns perfectly with you. If you are interested in crystals and healing and are considering getting this collection, we encourage you to visit our website and check out the blog section for learn more about crystals.”

The first book in the collection, The Little Book of Crystals, explores all the ways the power of crystals can improve a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The book focuses on 15 key crystals that can strengthen a person’s spiritual practice, improve their relationships, increase their wealth, and help them harness the power of positivity. The second book in the collection, 101 Power Crystals, features individual profiles on 101 crystals, from commonly known stones such as amethyst and citrine, to lesser known gemstones such as trigone quartz, preseli, aurora quartz and que Will be. The book provides insight into the sensitivity of each stone as well as the lore behind them, their transformative properties, and the best ways to use each stone as a source of power. The third book in the collection, Crystal Healing Book, is a savvy beginner’s guide to crystal healing. It contains beautiful photographs, charts and instructional diagrams, as well as intuitive information about the power of crystals and their connections to the chakras. The book focuses on the Ultimate Master Healing Stones and the Seven Chakra Connectors. The fourth book in the collection, Crystal Zodiac Book, takes a close look at the relationship between crystal healing and astrology. The author maps each of the crystals associated with the different signs and gives easy to use tips and applications on how the stones can be used for growth and golden living. With this book, readers will learn which sparkling stones best suit their unique astrological composition.

Tiny Rituals is on a mission to give back to those less fortunate and make a difference in the world. For every purchase in the Tiny Rituals store, 10% of the profits are dedicated to protecting children in need and an additional 10% of the profits are used to support other charitable and environmental initiatives. Readers can follow the company on its social media or follow its newsroom to stay up to date updates on Tiny Rituals.


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