February 2018 Black Moon Astrology Predictions Let You Harness Its Energy For Positive Change, But Beware Of Its Dark Side


While it’s not enough to pay a full month’s rent for a month that lasts only 28 days, February is also the only month this year without a full moon. While that might not seem like a big deal, the black moon astrology predictions for February 2018 could leave you all gloomy and winding if you’re not careful. A month without a full moon is known as a dark or black moon. And, according to the Time and Date website, there is Several types of black moons. A black moon can be two new moons in the same month, or no new or full moon in February.

“About once every 20 years, there is no new moon in February,” Time and Date explained. “This can only happen in February, because it is the only month that is shorter than a lunar month (lunation). When this happens, January and March have two new moons, instead of just one. , which is the norm. ” What we are experiencing in February 2018 is the second type of black moon. “About once every 20 years, February does not have a full moon. Instead, there are two full moons in January and March. “

If you’re wondering what the black moon means from an astrological perspective, the Maga Astrology blog noted that it’s called the Dark Moon Lilith enters Sagittarius on Valentine’s Day. “Dark moon Lilith in the sign of Sagittarius brings out our adventurous side with a dose of sexual appetite for out-of-reach and free-spirited temptations. “

While the dark moon is an opportunity to initiate a change in your life, positive change will only come for those who are willing to work hard. “There is a truth that awaits its climax to exist, but first the illusions of untruths must be seen, tasted and encountered,” explained Maga Astrology. “The deceptions of the flesh and the spirit must first be experienced and acknowledged. Deception and dogmas; unearthed and eradicated. False teachers and prophets exposed and judged! Lilith of the Black Moon in Sagittarius deliver the unity of truth from within. “

“Black Moon Lilith’s retribution is a powerful force of darkness that can make the most serene beings blinded by hatred and revenge,” Maga Astrology noted, adding that you should be very careful not to engage in any activities. destructive which could have far-reaching implications. consequences.

Instead, channel your rage to fight for positive change, as the Dark Moon is on your side if you seek its proverbial light. “There could be a confrontation between “Acceptable” versus “unacceptable” forms of female expression, ”Ruby Slipper Astrology noted on her website. This means that it is important to stay strong and confident in your beliefs so that you do not fall prey to the sinuous energy of the dark moon.

“Moon in front Black Moon Lilith can be very insecure – a bottomless pit of envy. The dark shadow of not belonging / being judged is fully lit, and an overwhelming need may arise, ”explained Ruby Slipper Astrology. “Some people can regress, while others try to suffocate and dominate. Basically, the dark moon can be polarizing, and which end of the spectrum you end up on depends on how you approach it. Because everyone has free will, whether you choose to harness the positive or negative energy of Lilith is really up to you.

The black moon describes our relationship to the absolute, sacrifice oneself as such, and shows how to let go. In transit, the black moon indicates some form of castration or frustration, frequently in the areas of desire, impotence of the psyche or general inhibition, “astrologer Joëlle de Gravelaine told Astro.com, who explained that” a The black moon usually takes place in front of a super moon. ”On the other hand, it shows where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs and our beliefs. I think that’s important, because it gives us the opportunity to “let go” of something. ”

If you’ve welcomed the gifts of the recent blue blood super moon, then continuing on a positive path should come naturally. However, if you still carry the existential weight of the world of 2017 on your shoulders, you might be more likely to drift off to the dark side of Lilith. “When we are able to tap into its positive influence, we can feel empowered,” noted Crystal B. Astrology on her website. “But if we don’t find a way to combat its negative influence, we can easily succumb to a feeling of intense anxiety, anger, passion and manipulation. “

As the black moon travels through the zodiac, its essence is also present in each sign depending on your horoscope, and you can use a online calculator to see where Black Moon Lilith lives in your sign. What you manifest during the dark moon is entirely up to you. Use your power wisely.

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