February 19, Saturday Daily Astrology Predictions by Astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: Financial advice can pay off and bring you good business. Good news on the real estate front awaits some. Your motivational power promises to attract many volunteers for a social cause. You are likely to enjoy good health. There are good chances of making money on the side. Your profile is likely to make you a candidate for promotion. Some of you may waste a lot of time on trivial family issues.

Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: brown

Taurus Horoscope: Those who are faced with a competitive situation will be able to do well. You will successfully nip a blame game played on the home front in the bud. A vacation is likely to come true and promises a lot of fun. Someone can take advantage of your gullibility on the property front. Being sidelined on the social front, in your attempt to stay on top, is possible. You can adopt an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle.

Lucky number: 1
Lucky color: Cream

Gemini Horoscope: A job change is likely to give you better pay and benefits. You may neglect family in your rush to achieve something big. Someone may invite you for an interesting trip. Discussing ownership issues with a knowledgeable person is fine, but make your own decision. Praise from those who matter is likely to make the day for some. You must take positive steps towards perfect health. Several earning opportunities are likely to present themselves to you, but you must seize them.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: Turquoise

Cancer Horoscope: The time for rejoicing on the family front has arrived! Difficult times are forecast for those who undertake a long journey. Builders are likely to get sanctioned for something they had asked for. Some guests may come and stay with you unexpectedly and upset your daily life. Health remains satisfactory. Money saved in a project is likely to be put to good use. Haste makes waste; remember this on the labor front.

Lucky number: 17
Lucky color: Bronze yellow

Leo Horoscope: Those in service will soon find something to rejoice in both professionally and financially. Implementing some suggestions given by others on a professional level will prove beneficial. Mood swings can make you irritable and snappy. A trip is likely to materialize soon. Advice will help you achieve a positive state of mind.

Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: Turquoise

Virgo Horoscope: It is a favorable day to complete pending work on a professional level. You may be called upon to respond to the request of a young member of the family. Be careful if traveling a long distance by road. It’s definitely a positive day for you socially. You might want to experiment with something new on the health front and it will work well for you.

Lucky number: 18
Lucky color: Pink

Libra Horoscope: A skillfully completed project is likely to add to your professional prestige. You are likely to offend a parent or family member with your rough ways. You will probably have an unforgettable time spending your vacation in a new tourist destination never experienced before. Some of you will be able to add to your wealth and even consider buying a property.

Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: peach

Scorpio Horoscope: Enjoying the holidays is on the cards. Sellers are likely to get a good price for their property. You will be able to deal effectively with a rumor that concerns you. You will be able to maintain the rhythm of your exercise program to enjoy good health. It can become difficult to control expenses. Working on weaknesses is the need of the hour for some.

Lucky number: 2
Lucky color: Lemon

Sagittarius Horoscope: A good job opportunity can pass you by if you’re not quick enough to seize it. You may find it difficult to follow the advice of a family elder. A break from work can be converted into a short but exciting vacation for some. Today you can focus on your positive strengths. You will succeed in freeing yourself from all ailments and lead a happy and healthy life. A wise investment made earlier promises rich returns.

Lucky number: 9
Lucky color: Saffron

Capricorn Horoscope: A prestigious mission can happen to you on the professional level. Changes made on the home front may require some tweaking. If you are thinking of traveling, consider the weather to enjoy a comfortable trip. The construction of the house should be completed without any delay. A kind of recognition awaits you on the social front. The day starts with a good note on the health front. A loan given to someone may not be repaid in full.

Love Focus: Personal comments on the romantic front are best avoided.

Lucky number: 4
Lucky color: Coffee

Aquarius Horoscope: An increase or increase may be expected by some. You will find that things are moving according to your plans at work. Support on the home front is indicated in everything you want to plan. Traveling with friends may not be as fun as expected. Getting back in shape will seem much easier under the guidance of an expert.

Lucky number: 3
Lucky color: Pink

Pisces Horoscope: You are likely to achieve something great socially through family support. Your idea for going out is likely to be embraced by family members, so expect an exciting time. There is a good chance of acquiring a property. A special day is planned for those looking for a lucky break.

You are likely to enjoy good health simply by maintaining a regular routine.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: Turquoise

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