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They shared a space in real life as actors and in real life as partners and parents. And now Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu will share the credits as writers soon! The two are compiling a series of three children’s books called Inni and Bobo. And the protagonist’s character, Inni is based on their three-year-old daughter, Inaaya, whose love for stories inspired the two to explore a young child’s love for animals, especially puppies, in the next book.

Khan, who earlier wrote her memoir, The Perils of Being Moderately Famous (2017), has started writing for young readers for the first time, and advises that while the book will be “descriptive and evocative,” she has ” consciously tried to avoid being metaphorical ”because she believes that for children’s books,“ the writing style needs to be more literal to be understood. ”And although this book marks Kemmu’s debut as an author, he “never really felt any pressure.”

As a child, Kemmu reveals, he “wasn’t much of a reader” and liked hearing and viewing stories more than reading them. “My dad, nani, masi, mum and everyone told me a lot of stories, and I loved how they told a story in different ways which would add to the romance the way I imagined it. . Soha reads a lot of stories to Inaaya, but I like to make up stories for her. Actually, my favorite thing is telling Inaaya to give me three or four characters that she wants in a story. and where she wants them, then I make up a story for her. I can see the wonder in her eyes when I tell her these stories. And that’s how this book came to be. This story that I imagined and told, she really liked it and then Soha helped set it up.

Inaaya Naumi Kemmu shares a bond of love with her pet and other adopted animals from Pataudi.

Khan remembers her husband’s time as a soundboard while she wrote her memoir, and describes her comments then received as “incredibly helpful.” So, was it easy or difficult to work with Kemmu as a co-writer and not a co-actor? “I think Kunal and I are a great team, both in life and in writing,” Khan quipped, adding, “The very seed of the idea as well as the script for the first two books came from Kunal. wrote the only liner, as we call it for scripts in the film industry, and I fleshed it out, dressed it up and made it pleasing to the eye! It’s open to debate – and we often debate – who has the most contributed to the books, but the truth is they (the books) wouldn’t have been possible without the both of us.

Often, raising a child brings your own childhood back to life. And come to see reading as a habit in their childhood, and the two share quite different perspectives. While Khan was an “avid reader” as a child and found “rarely without a book in hand”, Kemmu says he started reading “much later in life”. “I wasn’t much of a reader (like a kid)… I liked the audiovisual form of watching stories rather than listening to them. But obviously later in life I read a lot of books and realized that I have a vivid imagination and that’s why I’m a slow reader, ”Kemmu says, while Khan recalls his long list of writers, “Some favorites when I was very young were Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle, Shel Silverstein, Margaret Wise Brown. Both my parents read to me and when I was a little older and could read myself, Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, O Henry and AA Milne among others … And today we are really in the embarrassment choice – books, e-books audiobooks, read books aloud – politically correct books with diversity, inclusion, empowerment and the right message … We have it all, and we just need the know where to look!

So, are there any plans to write more books? “Maybe more in the future,” Kemmu says, revealing how close he is to animals and works for the cause of stray animals. “As a child, I was very scared of dogs and I never thought I wanted or had one. But, growing up, my fondness for animals and dogs really grew … Masti is the first pet I have; she looks more like a girl to me because she came into my life in 2008, and it was the first time that I was completely responsible for this life that I had to take care of. I completely cherished all the time I spent with her. I try to encourage people to adopt and we have also adopted and encouraged stray animals in the past, and even now we have them in Delhi.

On International Dog Day, Kemmu says, “It is always a moving experience to see an injured or orphaned animal, but there are people on the ground who are doing a lot more to help these animals and raise awareness. So I’m very happy and happy to be in a position where I can help make this happen and facilitate it in a better way.

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