Every Tommy Lee Jones Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Clint Eastwood’s 2000 sci-fi adventure “Space Cowboys” follows a team of aspiring astronauts who never got to travel to space, finally getting their shot at fame – 40 years too late. Eastwood stars as Frank Corvin alongside Jones, Donald Sutherland and James Garner, retired test pilots who finally get the chance to go into space when NASA needs their help fixing a satellite that Frank has. helped design. His condition for helping is that he brings his original team with him. Although somewhat contrived, the adventure is engaging, challenging and, above all, entertaining. Older people are always underestimated and films like “Space Cowboys” show that they still have a lot to offer, in addition to often possessing knowledge and skills that the younger generation does not understand.

Notably, Tommy Lee Jones is 16 years younger than Clint Eastwood, 18 years younger than James Garner and 11 years younger than Donald Sutherland, but they are all believed to be around the same age. Thanks to his rocky face and curious demeanor, Jones easily passes for a man in his late 60s, even though he was only 54 when the film was released. The film’s prologue, which depicts Jones’ character as an adult, is set in 1958, when the real Jones was just 12 years old. Sometimes it pays to have “the face of an old man resting.”

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