Every Movie & TV Series You Should Watch On Prime Video Based On Your Zodiac Sign


It may be Libra season, but this time around, it’s not just about those celebrating their birthdays by October 22. Our zodiac signs come into play in many areas of our lives and at many different times, including when Mercury is in retrograde which if you didn’t already know it is now.

That being said, it’s likely we could all use a bit of insane entertainment to get us through October 18 when Mercury relaxes. And while you might scroll aimlessly through your various streaming services hoping to find something that will pique your interest, why not let the stars guide you?

Amazon Prime just released a list of books, playlists, podcasts, and – our favorites – movies and TV shows to watch based on your zodiac sign. Each of the titles is already available to Prime members at no additional cost and, let’s be honest, it will save us a lot of time. Click to see where your astrology and Amazon line up with this list of movies to watch based on your zodiac sign.

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