Ethan Hawke’s The Last Movie Stars docuseries gets a release date

A release date has been confirmed for HBO Max Original The latest movie stars, a six-part docuseries from the actor, screenwriter and director Ethan Hawke which celebrates one of Hollywood’s most iconic and enduring romances.

From Nook House Productions, Under the Influence Productions, CNN Films and HBO Max, The latest movie stars revolves around the fascinating life and love story of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. The docuseries are directed by four-time Oscar nominee Hawke, who previously directed the acclaimed 2014 documentary about the pianist Seymour Bernstein called Seymour: An Introduction. Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese serves as executive producer. The latest movie stars premiered at the South by Southwest film festival in March before screening in the Cannes Classics section of the Cannes Film Festival in May.


A long-discontinued project Newman commissioned from a friend and two-time Oscar-nominated screenwriter Stewart Stern has a central role in the docuseries. Stern, at Newman’s request, conducted interviews with family, friends and associates Elia Kazan, Sidney LumetKarl Malden, Sidney Pollack, Gore Vidal, Jacqueline Witte, and Woodward among many others for a planned dissertation. Newman himself was also interviewed by Stern. In this interview, they discussed her youth, her first marriage, her romance with Woodward, her personal demons, and the devastating loss of her son. Scott Newman of a drug overdose.

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Along with those interviews, Hawke also got actors like Karen Allen, George Clooney, Oscar Isaac, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Zoe Kazan, Laura Linneyand Sam Rockwell, to lend their voices to excerpts from the original interview transcripts. Hawke also interviewed some of Newman’s daughters to get another inside perspective on the couple and their private lives, and he also interviewed Sally Field and Scorsese for their opinions on Woodward and Newman’s careers and what made them so inspiring.

Hawke released a statement saying:

“It is an honor to be able to share the inspiring life and love story of Joanne and Paul with the public this summer. I am especially delighted that a project in which we have invested so much heart and soul has now its home to HBO Max, a platform known for celebrating and championing the documentary art form.

Woodward and Newman met in the early 1950s during a Broadway production of the romantic drama Picnic. Some of their group and individual credits include The long hot summer, the scammer, The Three Faces of Eve, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Rachel, Rachel. As a couple, they managed to focus their fame on their art, racing, social justice and human rights and managed to balance their busy careers with a fulfilling marriage that lasted from 1958 until Newman’s death in 2008.

With Scorsese, Amy Entelis and Courtney Sexton also served as executive producers. The docuseries were produced by Emilie Wachtel and Lisa Long Adler from Nook House Productions, ryan hawke from Under the Influence Productions, and Adam Gibbs. The original score was composed by Hamilton Leithauser.

The six parts of The latest movie stars will debut on HBO Max on Thursday, July 21.

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