December 26, daily astrology predictions for Sunday by astrologer Manisha Koushik

Aries Horoscope: You are likely to get noticed for your effective handling of contentious issues at work. Domestic spat on less time spent with family is possible today, so make family your first priority. Those who are still looking for the second vaccine may have their turn now. Financially, you are about to get stronger. Those who stay in rental accommodation may face a rent increase. Traveling always seems risky, so have a hobby to entertain yourself.

Lucky number: 17
Lucky color: purple

Taurus horoscope: Sick people should pay special attention to their health. Those who experience wage cuts may not be able to find other ways to earn a living. You can be arrested at work for something that you have failed to accomplish; keep your cool, you will soon be able to deliver. The family will support you the most in everything you do. If you are going on a long trip, it will be in your best interest to take someone with you. There is a likelihood of moving to a new home or city for some.

Lucky number: 22
Lucky color: sky blue

Gemini horoscope: You can be the center of your social circle and enjoy the spotlight. Some housewives can expect to be praised. However, despite its notoriety, it is advisable to remain discreet. The luck of a trip abroad may materialize for some. Positive thoughts promise to keep you motivated all day long.

Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: silver gray

Cancer horoscope: Although the pandemic has subsided, you can still play it safe by staying indoors. Calling people for a meeting at your home will be a welcome change during these times. A child’s accomplishments will make you proud. The proceeds from a fixed deposit are likely to improve your financial situation. Those traveling to a new place should not trust strangers too much. House hunting may become a priority for those who need to be moved to a new location.

Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: golden

Leo horoscope: On the health side, it’s shaping up to be a great day. Those who seek financial assistance may find partial success. You are likely to make the professional situation favorable by playing your cards well. The full support of a family member may be required to resolve a domestic matter. A real estate dispute can make some people knock on the door of the court. An established routine is likely to benefit you academically by helping you keep pace with the classroom.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: light yellow

Virgo horoscope: The cost reduction measures will prove to be a great success and will save you a lot. Good planning and budgeting will help you get the most out of a vacation. An exercise program or an outdoor activity practiced now will prove to be very beneficial in terms of physical fitness. You are doing well academically.

Lucky number: 8
Lucky color: forest green

Libra horoscope: You may be asked to travel outside the country to make a pitch for new business. Saving a substantial amount on your daily allowance is possible. Those looking for a used vehicle are likely to get one cheaply. The unnecessary attitude of a government or bank official can be boring, but keep your temper in check. An elder in the family, admitted to hospital, may soon be discharged. Home repairs may require special attention.

Lucky number: 6
Lucky color: silver

Scorpio horoscope: There are some good health options that you have chosen that will keep you in good physical shape. Luck is likely to be financially beneficial and bring you money. Today, you may find yourself very focused on completing all the pending work. Good news awaits some domestically. Some of you will have the opportunity to visit an exciting place today. Chances of adding a new property are possible.

Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: peach

Sagittarius horoscope: An out-of-town parent arrives with news that may generate mixed feelings. The moments captured during a trip will be well spent in networking. The property you own is likely to add to your social prestige. There is great potential in something that you have tapped into, so go for it.

Lucky number: 18
Lucky color: coffee

Capricorn horoscope: Traveling with the family will be fun and can fill you with energy. Confusion over hotel reservations is resolved by paying a small fee. Save money and use your credit card instead, especially if you’re abroad. Your health safety is in your hands, so take every precaution. A house raffle may not be right for you, so give it a try next time.

Lucky number: 11
Lucky color: lilac

Aquarius horoscope: You are likely to adopt a fitness program that matches your lifestyle. You can expect a favorable outcome from a money problem. You will need to be at your maximum efficiency to deal with things at work today. A family reunion will be a great opportunity to meet people you haven’t met in years. Your choice of a vacation destination will prove to be the most exciting for those accompanying you. Correct decisions on the academic front will keep you totally in control.

Lucky number: 15
Lucky color: light green

Pisces horoscope: Tackling a nagging household problem won’t be too difficult for you. Listening to a senior in the family will help them feel good. Learning something new is on the cards and you’ll grab it quickly. Wealth can come from inheritance. Someone’s motivational words are likely to boost your self-confidence.

Lucky number: 7
Lucky color: silver gray

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